5 Best Bike Rack For Garage Storage: Quick Space Saving

Not having much space in the garage is the greatest problem for every homeowner. Those have many things to store in their garages such as tools, parking cars, and your favorite bike.

After parking your car literally there is no space left. So that you can easily park your bicycle as well.

In that situation, the best space-saving bike rack fulfills your need and gives a convenient space.

Whether you have a single, double, or three-car garage or any type of garage this doesn’t matter. This will usually fill with many things you will not get easy parking for your car.

Because according to Safecracks.com, 55% of Americans spend around 2 to 3 hours per day in their garage.

Do you why?

Because they are working on their important project that will not be completed in the house ever. So how your child and you get space for your bike parking in your garage.

That’s why I have written this article to give you complete information on how you can choose the best bike rack for your garage storage.

And if you don’t have much time to read and research it, I have also added the 5 best garage bike rack ideas.

After reading it I am pretty sure you have cleared your mind about what you need to do.

So let’s first understand the important buyer guide. That will help you select the best one from them.

How To Choose The Best Bike Rack: 3 Important Tips

While shopping for your best bike storage rack you need to understand what things you need to check. So that you can get the best space-saving bike rack.

1. Space

How much space do you have in your garage? How much bigger do you have? How many bikes do you need to park in your garage?

When you identify these questions. Then this will help you understand where you need to place the rack. Keep in your mind that the bike rack also will keep some space.

Then this is best to measure all the space and note down.

2. Convenience

Where are you going to use this bike rack? This is a very important question because if you park your bike in a place. That can not be easily accessed.

Then how you and your children can access it when needed. So before selecting the best rack for your garage you need to identify the best place to place it.

Whether it is a ceiling, wall, floor, and any other place check where this is convenient to place.

3. Type Of Bike Rack

Placing the bicycle in the horizontal or vertical position works very well when you are ready to use it. So when you are shopping for the best rack in your garage.

You need to identify which type of rack works very well and easy to access. Whether your garage doesn’t have space keeps it out of the place.

4. Strength

Your bike is very important for your health and enjoyment so how you will feel it will break accidentally.

Very sad!. I know that’s why understanding the strength of the rack is very necessary. So first check how heavy your bicycle is and how much the rack and handle.

This will help you to understand whether or not it is best for you.

Now you have totally understood how you can select the best bike rack for your garage. These are only four factors but you need to check more and more.

That’s why you need to research to select the best one. But if you haven’t much time for this then you can check out the list of the best 5 space-saving bike racks.

5 Best Bike Rack For Garage Storage: Ceiling, Floor, & More

There are more than thousands of different types of bike racks in the market. Some of them are useful and most of them not.

So researching the best one according to your need and condition is very difficult. That’s why I have separated this list into 5 different types.

That is usually based on your convenience and has included all the above qualities.

1.Wall Mounted Bike Storage Rack By Steadyrack – Vertical Placing On Wall

Placing the bike rack not the walls vertically will help you to easily keep it out. It doesn’t matter if you have or not more space in your garage.

Because this will usually don’t need more space in your garage. If you have only a little bit of space then also you can use it.

All you need to do is keep the front part up and push it into the rack. Then lock the system so that can’t be out.

This can handle more than 35Kg of weight. So whether you have a bigger bike for you or a smaller one for your children this will be easily handled.

But you need to install it according to the height of your bike. What is the exact size of your bike? So first check the size of your bike first.

Then keep the bike in the horizontal position and then carefully screw it on your wall.

If there is anything wrong then this will not work properly. After you install it properly then its 180-degree rotation design allows you to access it from any direction.

But if you have installed insulation in your garage then how can you do that? So you need to think about it first.


  • This is made with stainless steel that’s why it is very strong.
  • You will get the 3 best options to choose from.
  • This is a universal fit so you can easily mount any kind of bicycle.
  • It has a specialized arrow for proper placing.


  • This is not useful for less than a 10-year-old child.
  • If you have back pain then you can’t use it.
180 Degrees Wall Mounted Bike Storage Rack By Steadyrack
  • User friendly racks are suitable for the whole family from 20”...
  • Space Saving – unlike bike stands, hooks or pulley systems, our...
  • Built to Last – made from long lasting steel and UV treated...

2. 2D Bike Storage Rack By Feedback Sports – Horizontal Placing On Wall

Having a better space on your wall is really a great thing. Because this will help you place anything on it whether it is a bike rack or a storage rack.

Organizing all the stuff on the walls, floors, or ceiling makes things a lot easier to find anything very easily.

Whether it is your bike that hangs on the ceiling and your knife for working on a project.

So have noticed how much space your bike is keeping when mounting on the vertical rack.

This will take more than you think about it but if you really don’t have a little bit of space in your garage.

Then the horizontal bike rack becomes very useful for you. Because this needs less space from the vertical one.

But the only thing that is not good is that you need to pick your bike up and put it on the rack. This will need more effort and energy.

But if your child is not more than 12 to 13 years old. Then you will be going to face many problems with it. You need to do this by yourself to keep your child safe.


  • Its soft rubber points material will protect the bike frame.
  • This can be used for any type of bike.
  • Its arm can independently adjust the horizontal cradles.
  • Its durable aluminum design will work long-lasting.


  • This can’t be accessible for lower use.
  • The bike’s wide handlebar will create a problem for you.
2D Bike Storage Rack By Feedback Sports - Horizontal Placing On Wall
  • Ideal bicycle storage solution for apartments, homes, garages and...
  • Soft rubber contact points protect frame finishes
  • Storage system fits most road bikes, cyclocross bikes, hybrid...

3. Pulley Lift Bike Rack For Garage Ceiling By Racor – Best For Ceiling

Whether you are a professional cyclist or just using it for enjoyment. This is very important to have a separate place for it so when you need it.

You can easily use it. But having the perfect space on the walls is very difficult because most of our stuff is usually placed on them.

Do you have racks in your garage then how much space is already enclosed?

I think this is more than the bike racks so usually you don’t have any space to mount it. In that case, the ceiling works well. You can easily hang your bike on the ceiling.

And when you need it, you can easily use it. This can handle up to 42Kg of weight so if you have a heavy bike then also this will easily handle it.

Although its raising system is very, you just need to hook the bike handlebar and seat and pull the rope and you can easily lift it.

But this needs a little bit of effort and if this bike is for you children not more than 15 years old. Then usually you need to do this every time. This will take lots of time.

But if you don’t space then you need to do this.


  • This is made with commercial steel that’s why this is so strong.
  • Its raising and lowering system is very easy to understand.
  • Its wrap keeps the rope nice and clean.
  • This can be adjusted up to 12 feet long.


  • Its installation process is very difficult.
  • This is a little bit messy for you.
PBH-1R Pulley Lift Bike Rack For Garage Ceiling By Racor
  • Easy Lifting - Pulley system reduces weight by 8 times
  • Safe - Pulley locking mechanism keeps bike secure until released
  • Cord Storage - Wall mounted cord wrap keeps cords tidy

4. Bike Rack For Garage Floor By SimpleHouseware – Best For Floor

How much space do you have on your garage floor? Can you park your bike on the floor or do you need any other place to do this?

After organizing all the important tools and other things in your garage. If you have left a small space that will help you to place the floor garage rack.

Then you should use it. Because this is the most convenient and easy to set up the rack.

Whether or not you are going to use this rack for your children’s bike or your. If you have a rack on the floor in your garage.

Then this is the best thing. You don’t need to do any hard work to raise and lower, mounting to a wall, and other stuff.

All you need when you finish your cycling for a day you just need to park it in the simple parking system.

Usually, at school and other spaces provide only floor bicycle parking. So when you need to park it as your house. Then you can’t.

That’s why if you don’t have the car in your garage or have a little bit of space. Then I recommend using a floor garage rack for your bike.

This heavy-duty silver-coated floor bike rack will help you in this case.


  • You can park up to 5 bikes at that time.
  • Its holder can stretch up to 3.5 inches wide so that you can easily park your bike.
  • This is fine powder coated to work better in any weather condition.
  • This is very easy to install.


  • This does not come with a locking system.
  • This needs more space for parking.
5 Bike Bicycle Bike Rack For Garage Floor By SimpleHouseware
  • Stable floor rack for holding up to 5 bicycles, good for 12'' to...
  • Easy to assemble and adjustable (from 1 to 5 compartments).
  • Fine Powder Coated Steel resist in all weather condition

5. Touch Bike Storage Stand By Topeak – Best For Indoor

After stuffing all the things inside your garage or if you are living in an apartment or if you don’t have a garage. Then what will you do in that situation?

How can you park your bike? I know floor bike parking is always the best for any place. But as I have said earlier, if you park your bike without a watchman.

Then a 100% chance you will lose it very soon.

Because most of the floor racks don’t come with a locking system to protect bikes to steal. You need to safeguard your bike by yourself.

This is literally very difficult. So in that situation parking, your bike inside your house is the best thing. But usually, if you use floor one then the dirty tires of your bike will mess the floor.

That’s why you need to use a specially made indoor bike rack. That will help you park your bicycle without any tension.

This is usually very simple: you need to lift your bike and hang it on the pole. The same you will get in this one.

Also, you can hang 2 bikes at the same time without any problem.


  • This can be adjusted to about 30 degrees.
  • It comes with a sloping-up tube.
  • It has a better QR locking system to make a secure stand.
  • This can hold up to 72 Kg weight.


  • You need to lift and hang it by yourself.
  • If you younger kids then they will start playing with the tube.
44 x 34 x 214 Bike Storage Stand By Topeak
  • Includes two bike mounts with room for up to four mounts
  • Great for house or garage
  • 30 degree adjustment on bike holders to accommodate bikes with...

Wrap Up On Best Bike Rack For Garage Storage

Using the garage space for your bike parking is really a great thing. Because this helps you convert the useless space to the most useful space.

I know installing them can be a little bit tricky. This is not so hard to do. You can easily do it by yourself. You need some important tools and parts that you need to install.

Literally, this doesn’t matter where you are going to install it on the floor, ceiling, wall, or even inside your home. Your first priority is your convenience and safety.

You need to choose the best place to install that can easily be accessed by you and your children as well. So you have to do it by yourself again and again.

You can select the above that I have recommended above but if you want another. Then I have also provided some simple factors on how you choose the one.

These points will help to lead you to the best rack for garage storage. Although it needs more time and effort to research this all depends on you.

FAQ: Best Bike Rack For Garage Storage

As I have explained earlier that there are thousands of bike racks in the market. That’s why people confuse what should be done?

They will face many problems and need to know about the solution. I have tried my best to give appropriate answers to them after consulting with a professional.

How much a floor and indoor bike rack will cost?

This totally depends on how the better the quality of the bike rack you choose. If that one is the standard floor bike rack.

Then this may cost you around $40 to $70. On the other hand, an indoor bike rack comes in about $130 to $350.

Is the garage the best place to store the bike?

Yes, the garage is the perfect place for it. Because you can easily use it when you need it and there will be no issue with it.

But it also needs some space for it if you have then you can use it. Otherwise, you need to store your bike in your house.

Should I make a rack for my bike at home?

Yes, you can if you have the experience to work with wood and steel parts.

Then you can easily use them to make a perfect and specific bike rack for your garage.

Because when you make it by yourself you can adjust the size and dimensions according to your need.

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