Top 7 Best Garage Door Paint | Wooden, Aluminum, Exterior

Coloring the garage door makes the house more beautiful, elegant, and efficient sound-absorbing. But which paint should I use for this?

Which is the best garage door paint and do you really need to color your garage door or not?

If you are thinking that a garage door work well after the paint then yes, according to the EPA, in the US around 1.7B people like to use garage door paint because it will help to protect their garage from dirt, dust, and annoying noise.

Now, If you want to protect your garage then you need to paint your garage door. But wait which paint is the right choice for your garage door.

Yes, if you have a metal, wooden, aluminum, and another type of garage door. Then how can you select it?

I know you have much confusion, that’s why I have prepared this list of the 7 best garage door paints.

That lets you know the best paint for your specific type of garage door. Additionally, I will reveal 5 important tips to do this properly.

So are you ready? Then start over the 5 important tips to choose the best garage door paint.

How To Choose Best Garage Door Paint: 5 Tips

While deciding the best garage door paint you need to understand the important things about every paint. So that you can make a wise decision for your garage door paint.

1. Material Of Your Garage Door

You can’t use each garage door paint on every garage door because their materials are different. That’s why It will react differently.

I mean if you have a metal garage door then you can’t use furnace-based paint. This may damage your garage door. Or if you have a wooden garage door then quick dry paint will not work well.

So which type of garage door do you have? Decide it first, don’t worry I have given paint according to your garage door.

2. Thickness

How thick is your garage door paint? Do you know if you use about 3 to 5 mil thickness paint on your garage door?

Then it will increase the weight by around 10 to 12 kg that may be dangerous for your garage door. So while you selecting our garage door paint then keep in mind that do not choose above 1 mil thickness of paint.

3. Color

Which color of paint are you going to use on your garage door? Have you selected a sheen, mix, and messy colors for your garage door?

This comes in psychology, I mean the match and unmatch colors will decide the price of your house. So if you plan to sell it in the future then go with any unique color. That helps you to stand out in the crowd.

4. Raw Material

Which type of raw material has your garage door paint? Have you checked it? No, then you are not on the right path because some raw material roughly connected with the metal surface and some can’t.

So overall this decision depends on the type of garage door. 

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, titanium dioxide is using around 94 to 98% in residential paints.

Because this is not a harmful material and improves the durability and opacity within the paint. So make sure you also have this material in your garage door paint.

Now, you are totally aware of the important things that should be in your garage door paint. Now, you can easily understand the 7 best garage door paints. That helps you to improve the life of your garage door.

7 Best Garage Door Paint: Quick Dry & Multi-Surface

As you know we have a variety of paints in the market that makes us confused to select the best one. But you don’t need to do that you can simply read this section and you will understand the whole game behind it.

1. Gloss Heirloom Grey 750 ml Universal Paint By Rust-Oleum

Does your garage door smell like shit after using the paint on its surface? I think yes, most of the surface smells the same.

Literally, I don’t like the smell and I think you also. That’s why this stain-blocking paint works well in this matter. Because stain-blocking paint has 25% of VOC materials that eliminate odor in the paint.

Moreover, if you need to use a primer before painting then this will increase the length of your work. Literally, if you don’t have much time to paint your garage door.

Then this will become hilarious but don’t worry you don’t need to use any kind of primer. Because this is 2 in 1 paint with heaving paint and primer in a single-use.

Whether you have metal and a wooden made garage door its gloss heirloom color makes your house a different look. If you need any color changes then you also have the option to select from 16 different colors.


  • You can easily apply it on metal, wood, aluminum, and ceramic, and any kind of garage door.
  • This is an oil-based paint so you will quickly get a dry surface.
  • You will get 2 quantity options 750 and 250ml.
  • Its durable formula will protect your garage from quick weather changes.


  • After drying its colors looks lighter than the provided image.
  • This is a chemical product so keep it away from children and pets.

2. Steel Smoke 750ML Quick Dry Gloss Paint By Johnstone’s

Do you know about water-based formulation paint? What is this paint? Is it better than the normal paint? Should you try it or not?

Yes, water-based paint also called latex provides better color retention over time. If you are finding any alternatives to normal paint then you can try this latex paint.

That is also the best choice for environmentally friendly people like me.

Yes, if you are environment friendly then this will become the first choice. Because a water formulation does not work as pollution and not a harmful thing for you and nature as well.

Moreover, the standard thickness will give your garage door a balanced efficiency and performance. That’s why its 8m² works well and provides you a better look.

So that you will also get a unique look although you can use a 2 color combination with this. But this may increase the weight of your garage door.

That’s why I am not recommending this. But if you want then you can do this to improve the looks.


  • You will have 6 amazing color options to choose from.
  • Its 1 to 2 hours quick-dry formulation will help you to complete your work in less time.
  • If you have smaller, bigger, double, and more type garage doors then they have many quantitative options.
  • Its gloss finishes easily attract you.


  • You may face a little bit of odor.
  • This is a little bit expensive.

3. Dark Grey 1 Litre Multi-Surface Paint By The One Paint

Do you know all the paint comes with harmful toxins that is not recommended to use near children’s and pets?

Yes, this is right around 90 to 95% of toxic substances such as solvent, ethyl acetate, formaldehyde, methyl, and more.

Mainly these types of toxics come in the traditional paints and it may be in your garage door paint.

That’s why One Paint is claiming that they haven’t used any toxic material in their paint. Then this looks great if you are seriously concerned about your family security.

Then this is very important for you and you can use this paint on your garage door to make it safe. Then after this is also an environmentally friendly paint that I have explained above.

So if you are an environment-friendly person then this is excellent paint for your garage door. Because this is water-based paint so if you are living in a rainy place.

Then this will also help you and don’t desquamate with the surface.


  • You can apply this paint to almost every type of surface such as metal, plastic, UPVC, aluminum, and more.
  • You will have 12 amazing color options so that you can choose according to your house color.
  • Primer and Undercoat are not required.
  • This is environmentally friendly paint.


  • In some cases, you need an undercoat.
  • Color may fade.
Dark Grey 1 Litre Multi-Surface Paint By The One Paint
  • A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY: Great coverage saving you time and...
  • PAINT AND PRIME: A Strong durable 2-in-1 means less work, save...
  • MULTIPLE SURFACES: For furniture, wood and laminate cabinets,...

4. Chestnut 750ML Garage Door Paint By Hammerite

Finding high gloss finish paint for your garage door makes your work easy if you will notice the Hammerite brand. Because they are providing the best finish for garage door paint.

That will have a different look on your garage door. Literally, a high gloss finish improves the durability and toughness of your garage door.

Because its shiny surface reflects more light and light can’t damage the garage door. That’s why light does not convert into heat and overall your garage temperature will maintain.

This will work well in the summer season. So if your garage door is not insulated and getting so hot then also you can use this.

Its white spirit clean-up saves your lots of time to clean your garage door surface. Literally, before using any kind of paint on my garage door I was wasting around 1 hour every week on my garage door clean-up.


  • You will get 6 different color options to choose from.
  • When applying this paint on the vertical surface then it will reduce the estimated runs.
  • Depending on the prosperity of the garage door surface it will cover up to 8m².
  • It is easy to apply with a brush or even a roller.


  • It may look different from the given picture.
  • You will face some adhere issues with this paint.

5. Soft White 750 ML Satin Multi-Surface Paint By Bedec

Whether you have a wooden, aluminum, metal, and other type of garage door this is a better option if you need only single paint.

That easily applied to any type of garage door. If you are finding this quality in your garage door paint then this Bedec satin multi-surface garage door paint is for you.

This will work well if you need paint for 2 types of garage doors. Moreover, if you have a simple brush and even a roller then you can easily apply it to your garage door.

Because this is a self-priming paint that has high-caliber resin that ensures better sealing with the surface. So if you will use this then you will not get any running problem with your garage door.

Then after its 39 color option will allow you to choose the best color according to your garage door. As I have earlier explained, if you want to look different. Then you need to choose a unique color for your garage door.


  • If you have a bigger garage door then you can go with its bigger pack 2.5 ltr.
  • It is suitable for multiple surfaces.
  • This is a quick-dry paint.
  • This is also watercolor paint.


  • You may notice odor after painting your garage door.
  • Its color may fade after some time.

6. Buttermilk 750Ml Quick Dry Gloss Paint By Dulux

While considering the undercoat before using any paint then it will become very difficult and time-consuming. Most of the paint requires an undercoat.

So that it can easily attach to the surface and provide better control on your garage door. I know this is very important but you don’t need to use any undercoat with this paint.

Because this is a mixture of paint and undercoat.

Moreover, if you don’t have much time to wait for drying then you are in the right place. Its 1-hour touch and 6-hour full drying capacity will help you in this matter.

As you know I am an IT engineer that’s why I also don’t have time. That’s why I like to use time-saving products. That does all the things in the meantime.

Then after this is a better choice that you have selected a very light paint that does not increase the weight of your garage door. But this will easily uproot in the rainy season.

So the standard thickness works that this paint is providing about 16m²/L.


  • This can be used on wooden and metal surfaces.
  • You don’t face any problem while applying it to your garage door surface.
  • You will get the option to select 33 color options.
  • Its glossy finish will make your house different.


  • You may notice odor after applying it on your garage door surface.
  • This will need 2 coats.

7. Brilliant White 2.5L Pure Quick Dry Paint By Crown

If you are using a wooden garage door then you are familiar with the microbes attack. That damages your garage door and decreases the long-lasting capacity.

This is very rare you are getting this amazing microbes-free brilliant garage door paint. That protects your garage door from microbes.

Then after if you don’t need a gloss finish paint that has its own pros and cons you have the option to go with an eggshell finish.

That provides satin and silk matt finish with heaving more qualities from the gloss finish. Do you know I like an eggshell finish instead of using any gloss finish? Because it will not too reflect the light.

Although their 9 varieties of designs will help you to decide your own color according to your garage door. But this will also confuse you which one do you need to use on your garage door.


  • This is petroleum-free paint.
  • If you don’t have much time to wait until it is drying then its quick-dry finish will help you.
  • You will also get 2 in 1 undercoat mixture with this paint.
  • No drip satin will help you to paint multiple surfaces.


  • You may notice some bubbles while applying on the surface.
  • Also, you need 2 coats.

Now, you have understood about the 7 best garage door paints. You can use any of them according to your condition and budget.

You will not disappoint with any of them. Because after the deep and authenticate research I have added these to this list. Additionally, I have discussed with the expert about these paints.

Wrap Up On Best Garage Door Paint

Coloring the garage door will increase the lifetime of your garage door. If you color your garage door then you will find the better changes in your garage.

Do you want to know what changes you will get? Then you can read below.

  • It will increase the lifetime of the surface.
  • If you use paint then it will change your mood while working in the garage.
  •  It will also protect your garage door surface from any damages.
  • After using paint it will beautify the interior and exterior surface.
  • If you plan to sell your house then it will increase in value.

This is not the end. You will get more and more benefits from using paint on your garage door. But I recommend choosing the paint for your garage door. Then don’t forget to choose, is it environment friendly or not.

Why am I suggesting it?

At the last, follow our important factors while selecting the garage door paint. This will help you to select the best one for your garage door.

Thanks for reading, If you find this information better than you can share it with a needy person. Or if you have any doubt and questions related to this article then you can ask in the comment section. I will reply as soon as possible.

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