7 Best Garage Door Sensor: Better Build Quality & Security.

Best Garage Door Sensor: Better Quality & Security

Making your garage safe and secure for you and other family members needs close attention to its security sensors.

Because these garage door sensors will inform you of any unauthorized access in your garage including thieves. And prevent any accidents while operating the garage door. That’s why this garage door sensor is so important.

According to the report of Action Garage Door, garage doors are responsible for having more than 20k to 30k accidents and 10k robbing every year.

But do you know why people face this situation?

In most cases, people found that their security sensors are not working properly. That’s why the door didn’t stop while parking the car. Or thieves easily enter the garage and sensors don’t respond.

If your garage door sensor is also not working properly, you need to change it right away. Otherwise, you will become a serious problem.

But do you know which garage door sensor is the best? How can you select the best one for your garage? Which things do you need to notice before choosing any garage door sensor?

If not then you need to read this article because I have covered all the topics in it. At the end, you will get a clear idea of which one to choose and how to choose.

However, I have already provided a list of the 7 best garage door sensors. That will save you time but if you want another.

Then I have given some important features and properties. That you should check in your garage door sensor.


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If you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to read the complete article. Then you can simply go with Genie GSTB-R STB-BL black, 2 pack best garage door sensor.

Because it has an amazing self-diagnostic system that can easily repair itself. So you don’t need to worry about any minor problem.

Also, you can easily install it in your garage because it comes with an installation manual. However, this garage door sensor has amazing features and better build quality.

But one thing you need to notice is that this will only work with Genie garage door openers.

Genie GSTB-R STB-BL black, 2 pack best garage door sensor
  • REPLACEMENT KIT: Replaces broken or faulty safety beams in your...
  • WORKS WITH MANY GENIE OPENERS: Compatible with Genie (only)...
  • KEEPS FAMILY AND PETS SAFE: Places an invisible infrared beam...

Thanks for reading but if you want to choose the best garage door sensor according to your need. Then you need to check out below.

Buyer Guide Of Best Garage Door Sensor

Garage door sensors will safeguard your garage and prevent any accidents while opening and closing the garage door.

Then usually it should be the best so that you can feel secure. These features and prospective customers will find the best according to your need and budget.

1. Build Quality

Usually opening and closing the garage door is our daily routine. So many times garage door sensors will get damaged while working the garage or parking the car.

That’s if the garage door beam doesn’t have better build quality then it will suffer. As a result, you need to replace it again and again.

So if you don’t want to do this again and again then you need to check its build quality.

Such as whether it is made with better quality plastic or not, how long and better its wire is, is it compatible with your garage door opener or not, and many other things. This will give a clear idea of whether or not this is best.

2. Performance

Usually infrared rays come in two types: active and passive. But commonly active infrared rays are used in garage door sensors.

Because this will easily capture any movement in the specific area. But the question is how much area you want to cover. In that situation, you need to check the waves of the garage door sensors.

Is it a longwave, mediumwave, or short wave? The bigger your garage door is the long-wave you need for it.

So when you select the best ray this will increase the performance of your garage door sensor. So you can protect your car and other things as well.

3. Easy To Install & Compatibility

Can you easily install the garage door sensor in your garage door? Is your garage door opener compatible with the security sensor?

In most cases, people found that their replaced security sensors are not working with their garage door opener. As a result, they are facing lots of problems while opening and closing the door.

Today there are lots of garage door security beams that are compatible with any garage doors. But some do not work well.

However, the installation process is the same but before selecting you also need to check the installation process and the components you need.

The 7 Best Garage Door Sensor: With Pros & Cons

Now you are aware of what thing you need to notice in your garage door sensor. But these are major and there are also available other things that you should notice.

That’s why if you don’t want to select any wrong garage door sensor that may injure you in the future. Then I suggest going with the below list. Because this is well tested and also follows all the necessary features.

1. GSTB-R STB-BL Garage Door Sensors By Genie

According to the US Government mandatory rule 16 CFR part 1211, a garage door should be capable of reverse motioning the garage door within 2 seconds.

Also, it needs to send the information to the external sensitive device that will do this work. So if your garage door is not capable of this. Then this may be dangerous for your kids and pets and even their lives.

That’s why this Genie Safe T beam sensor easily does this work because it has in-built invisible rays. So when an object passes through the rays.

It will directly send the information to the garage door opener and it will reverse the garage door. This whole process takes only 1.5 seconds that’s all.


  • This safety sensor covers around 5 feet of area.
  • It has a self-diagnostic system.
  • This is easy to install in your garage door.
  • This works on the Safe T beam system.


  • This only works with Genie garage door openers.
GSTB-R STB-BL garage door sensors By Genie
  • REPLACEMENT KIT: Replaces broken or faulty safety beams in your...
  • WORKS WITH MANY GENIE OPENERS: Compatible with Genie (only)...
  • KEEPS FAMILY AND PETS SAFE: Places an invisible infrared beam...

2. 41A5034 Safety Eyes Sensor By TCK TECH

Have you ever seen any two-beam garage safety sensor? That helps to provide more safety and protection from any kind of access.

If you are seriously concerned about the safety of your house and garage. Then what things do you prefer first? The garage door and the main door are the two things most likely a thief uses to enter the house.

Suppose he spoofs the first sensor but then the second sensor easily captures his movement and informs you. So that you can be alert for it.

Also if somehow the first sensor doesn’t work properly. Then the second one easily replaces it. That’s why if you want this feature then you can go with TCK TECH safety 2 eyes sensor for your garage.


  • This sensor comes with two rays.
  • You will get the option to choose 2 in a single bundle.
  • It has the plugin wire so when the first end doesn’t work then you can replace the end with another.
  • It has better build quality.


  • This is not compatible with Craftsman 100 serious.

3. G801CB-P Garage Door Safety Sensor By Chamberlain

Usually, your old garage door sensor is no longer in use and you want the best and compatible one. But have you noticed the brand of your garage door opener?

A garage door sensor usually will not work in the other brands. That’s why you need to check if your garage door is compatible with it or not.

But finding the one that easily works with any garage door openers is really a difficult job. That’s why you can use this Chamberlain garage door safety sensor.

That will easily work with your garage door opener. But make sure to check the instruction manual if you will find your garage door opener in it then that’s great.


  • This is designed to splice with your existing wires.
  • It has also included the instruction manual.
  • This safety sensor works on the green light.
  • It is easy to install.


  • Your garage door opener has to be compatible with the green light.
G801CB-P Garage Door Safety Sensor By Chamberlain
  • For garage door openers that currently have sensors installed
  • 41A4373A Sensors are compatible with LiftMaster and Chamberlain...
  • Each sensor has a green light and a bolt that runs right through...

4. HAE00002 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam By Linear

Usually, every sensor has two important parts: the sender and the receiver. When anything pass-through between them the alarm starts ringing.

And all of the information sent to the other party will also take action according to the information. Suppose you are parking your car and the garage door is about to close.

But suddenly your pet dog comes underneath the bottom of the garage door. Then what you will do. That’s why for preventing this accident this garage door sensor is really a great thing.

Because it has better quality with clamps that will help you to install and easily connect with the existing wires.


  • It has a compact design.
  • This sensor beam comes with clamps.
  • This is easy to install.
  • It has better build quality.


  • It comes in the older model.
HAE00002 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam By Linear
  • Linear Garage Door Openers Safety Beam Sender & Receiver kit.
  • For Linear garage door opener models LD033, LD050, LS050
  • Includes sender, receiver and wire.

5. CR2149 Universal Garage Door Sensors By Digi-Code

As I have explained earlier, universal garage door sensors easily work with any type of garage door opener. Whether it is Chambralian, Genie, Challenger, and others.

This garage door sensor easily works with every garage door opener. Additionally, if you don’t want to remove the old wiring then this is fine.

Its self-programming feature allows the installer to attach its wiring with any kind of ordinary wringing. All you need is to hook up and mount it on the wall to do the job completely.

It means the installation process is very simple and easy. So whether you don’t have any knowledge about it you can do this.


  • It has a superior filtering feature.
  • This can reduce the sunlight effect on inventory items.
  • You will get a retrofit non-polarized installation process.
  • You will get all the things that you need to replace it.


  • It doesn’t have the best build quality.
CR2149 Universal Garage Door Sensors By Digi-Code
  • The universal beam sensor works with all major brands of garage...
  • Chamberlain, lift master, craftsman, overhead (1995+), genie,...
  • Quick retrofit installation. Non-polarized, so there is no way to...

6. 41a5034 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam By Liftmaster

A better brand helps you to trust it because their past track record is filled with positive reviews and better support.

Suppose if you need to choose from a non-branded and branded thing. Or a trusted branded thing or not really trusted branded thing.

Then which one is always the first choice for you? On my side, I like to go with the trusted branded things.

Because I don’t want to replace anything in my life again and again. That’s why if you are familiar with the garage doors.

Then you also heard Liftmaster because they are the biggest player in the garage industry. Whether the best garage door opener and its parts.

So if you want all things stable then this Liftmaster garage sensor is also the better option.


  • This sensor works on both green and yellow light.
  • It has a better design and strong structure.
  • This is very easy to install.
  • Its wire is built to work long-lasting.


  • This needs a compatible bracket that is not included in it.
41a5034 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam By Liftmaster
  • Newer chamberlain manufactured garage openers including sears...
  • Newer chamberlain openers that currently have black brackets that...
  • Chamberlain openers that currently have 1 sensor with a green...

7. 41A4373A Garage Door Safety Sensor By Chamberlain

Have you ever heard about Chamberlain? Are you using a Chamberlain garage door opener? If you are living in North America then you literally know about this brand.

Because they are the biggest competitor in the garage door opener market. I have been using the Chamberlain garage door opener for the last 6 years.

And I don’t face any problem with it but it always needs better cleaning. That’s why their garage door sensor is also a better choice for heaving the better working of the garage door.

However, this garage door safety beam includes 2 sensors and all the hardware. But this is only compatible with Liftmaster and Chamberlain garage door opener.


  • It has better build quality.
  • This beam takes less than 1.3 seconds to respond.
  • It has only a 0.75-pound weight that helps you while installation.
  • You can easily attach it to your garage door because it has 18 inches of a long wire.


  • This will not support other brands except Chamberlain and Liftmaster.
41A4373A Garage Door Safety Sensor By Chamberlain
  • More control: The replacement safety sensors project an invisible...
  • Chamberlain compatible: These sensors replace defective or...
  • Easy setup: Includes 2 sensors, mounting brackets, 18 inches of...

Wrap Up On Best Garage Door Sensor

Your garage door and garage door opener are electronic products. That can be damaged or needs some adjustment.

If you regularly check these things then you will not face any kind of sudden accidents. Because as I have explained earlier, almost 20k+ accidents are caused by the garage door.

The biggest reason behind it is the garage door sensors. That is not working properly because when these sensors send information to the garage door opener.

Then it will take action on it otherwise it will not do anything.

So having a better garage door sensor will secure you and your close ones. That’s why I have included the major things that you need to notice in your garage door sensor.

Or if you don’t want to think about it then I have also provided a list that will guide you on which one is great according to your needs.

FAQ: Best Garage Door Sensor

Selecting the best garage door sensor is not an easy thing. Because this is related to your health directly. That’s why many people just like to face many problems.

That’s why I have included them in my article and try my best to give appropriate answers to them. Don’t worry, these answers are discussed with professionals.

How do garage door sensors work?

Usually garage door sensors have several infrared light beams. Some of them are visible and some of them not.

Commonly every sensor is made with two major things: sender and receiver. When the sender sends the beam in front of its receiver then it will create the electric circuit between them.

So when anyone passes through the beam then it will cut the circuit. At the last, all the information goes to the garage door opener to take action.

How is the garage door sensor affected by sunlight?

When too much sunlight surpasses the infrared beam. Then the sender can’t send the signal to the receiver and the circuit can’t complete.

That’s why the garage door sensor is not able to work outside. 

How do I reset the garage door sensor?

When you think that your garage door sensor is not working well. Then you can easily reset its setting by pushing the button on it.

You will find the reset button usually on the top of the backside. If you can’t find it then read the instruction manual.

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