How Much Does It Cost To Build A Garage: Attach, Detach Per Square Foot?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Garage: Attach, Detach Per Square Foot?

If you have a serious concern to build your own garage then do you know how much it may cost? How much do you need to pay a contractor? What does the permit cost? Single and double car garage cost?

Yes, this is very important to understand the cost of every item that may increase your budget to build your garage.

On average, a single-car garage can cost you around $7000 to $14000. But the cost may increase if you haven’t organized everything for building your garage.

Material, construction, permit, contractor are the direct cost that is in your mind but what you will do, if you may meet any other cost. That may increase the cost.

That’s why I have researched and added all the costs and tried to include other costs as well. So that you can estimate your garage building cost.

So first understand the cost to build a garage. Then we will move deeper into every expense, which is going to add into your budget.

Average Cost To Build A Garage Calculator
Fiberboard Wall$560
Vinyl Roof$600
Styrofoam Ceiling$864
2 Windows$300
Fiberglass Garage Door$2,300
Garage Other Exp.$1,250
Vinyl Siding$1,200
Electrical Works$1,800
Total Cost$13,954

I hope the above given summary has given you broader ideas, let’s deep dive into detail .

Different Costs For Building A Garage

Below listed all costs are aggregated from different sources so the prices will be little bit varied on the type of materials you will be using.

What is Garage Material And Parts Cost

What is the material cost for building the garage? If you have cleared this then you are on the right path. But wait have you divided the material cost into every part of your garage?

I mean do you know how much the cost is going to be on the garage roof, walls, window, floor, foundation, farming, and so on.

If not then you need to do that because this will give you a clear and much better understanding. So let’s understand them one by one.

Garage Estimated Foundation Cost  
CarsSizeEstimated Cost
Single Car Garage16′ x 24′$2100 – $3100
Double Car Garage24′ x 24′$3100 – $4500
Three Car Garage36′ x 24′$4500 – $7500

Garage Farming Estimated Cost 
Frame TypeCost Per Square Foot
Timber Frame$9 – $10
Wood Frame$11 – $12
Concrete Frame$13 – $14

Garage Walls Estimated Cost 
TypesCost Per Square Foot
Plywood and OSB$1 – $5
Fiberboard$1 – $2
Pegboard$3 – $4
Metal Panel$3 – $7
Vinyl Panel$1 – $2
Concrete Blocks$10 – $14

How much does it cost to Build a Roof in a garage?

The garage roof is a very simple but important thing that needs to be in your garage. So the simple garage roof will cost you around $3 to $4 per square foot.

But this will need frame support that is used at the top and helps the structure well defined. Mostly this support is joined by a strong beam. And this will also cost you around $4 extra per square foot.

Garage Siding Estimated Cost 
TypeCost Per Square Foot
Vinyl$0.20 – $2
Fiber Cement$4 – $12
Steel Log$8 – $12
Stucco$5 – $9.68
Metal$2 – $5
Wood$6 – $11
Brick$5 – $15
Aluminum$3.65 – $6.68

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Ceiling In A Garage?

When identifying the ceiling cost of your garage then this naturally depends on the material such as styrofoam, plastic tiles, gypsum, and more.

If I tried to get the average cost then I found that you will be charged between $2 to $9 per square foot. But I recommend checking the specific value of your garage door ceiling material.

How Much Does it cost to build a Garage Window?

Usually, the cost of windows in the single and three garages is different from the other one. So when you see the specific cost of a single-window then you will notice.

That it cost you around $150 to $700 but this is a simple window cost. But if you go in a dynamic and different window then the cost will increase.

Garage Door Estimated Cost 
Fiberglass$2300 – $2600
Aluminum$1800 – $2400
Steel$2600 – $3100
Vinyl$1700 – $2400
Wood$4500 – $5500
Garage Insulation Estimated Cost 
InsulationsPer Square Foot Cost
Cellulose$2 – $2.30
Fiberglass$1.70 – $4.73
Spray foam$40 – $1.5
Rigid Foam$1.43 – $2.43
Blanket$0.70 – $1.52

Garage Other Estimated Cost

So if you are going to use skylights, finishing, and more. Then these other expenses will usually increase the cost.

For example, garage skylights come from $130 to $330, and the last finishing can be around $9.78 to $12.35. Yes, some other materials such as paint soundproofing materials, and so on. Also will add this value.

Construction Cost

Garage construction cost is nothing but another expense that you pay anyone to make the bone structure.

Usually, its cost depends on the model, type, material, brand, and so on. But if you select a simple one then its cost will be around $550 to $1500.

That includes all the installation parts such as garage door, window, walls panel, drywall, and so on.

Permit Cost

This is another cost or expense that you need to pay your local municipal corporation to take clearance of the structure of your garage.

This is mandatory in the USA or other countries as well. You need to clarify all the things that you are going to use in your garage such as all the material, size, insulation, and so on. So this permit needs around $200 to $500 extra.

Garage Contractor Estimated Cost

If you have the knowledge to build a garage perfectly then you can save this expense. Otherwise, this will cost you around $1000 to $1500 extra for giving the expert loot to your garage.

This is a plus and also a minus point. I mean if you don’t have the knowledge and don’t have time to invest in it. Then this is a much better option.

But if you don’t have the budget for this then you can do this by yourself.

Garage Electrical and Lighting Estimated Cost

After building the garage then usually you need to install electrical and lighting outlets in it. That will be added up to $2500 extra to your garage.

But this is a necessary thing and you need to do that. These costs include the 100 amp of different outlets, sockets, LED bulbs, wire, and so on.

This depends on how well the electrical system you want in your garage. I mean if you want the best one then the cost increases. But if you can do your work in simple electrical work then this will decrease.

Types Of Garage

Do you know garage also can be constructed in different types such as attach, detach, portico, single-car, double-car, and more? This affects the cost to build the garage.

Do you know how much you will be going to charge if you go with a different type of garage? No, then you need to know it for a proper idea.

Attach$7500 To $42200
Detach$14200 To $28500
Portico$3500 To $4500
Garage With Apartment$50000 To $60000
Carports$5500 To $9400
GaragesSquare FootCost
Single Car288 To 392$14200 – $18900
Double Car400 To 592$15600 – $19300
Three Cars576 To 764$22400 – $28200
Four Cars654 To 864$31500 – $42200

So now you have understood how much you are going to be paid depending on which type of garage.

But wait now let’s talk about some additional expenses. That you may be going to spend. If you want then you can save a little less your money.

1. Garage Workshop & Workbench

This is a natural thing that we made our engineer space in our garage. And I think you are also going to plan it. But do you know much you will be charged for this?

On average carpenters charge $60 hourly and all the materials come in $200 to $350. Also, carpenter also need around 5 to hours for this work so the total is

$75×6 = $450 (Carpenter charges)

Item cost = $350

Total = $800 extra

However $800 is an estimated amount but I have this in my experience. 

2. Ventilation

Now you need to ventilate your garage otherwise you will become a fried chicken in the summer and a white bear in the winter season.

So the ventilation also required some extra money. Such may cost around $10,000 to $15,000. But this is necessary because excess heat will create a problem in your car.

Yes, this totally right, according to, if a car stands in every hot temperature then its parts become overheated. So you will face problems while starting your car.  

3. Soundproofing

Literally, I don’t like any annoying noise coming to my garage. I need an intense focus on my college project.

I think you also have a hammer always ticking in your mind. Tik, tik, tik, tik…….!. So if also dealing the same then after constructing your garage you need to soundproof it by using different soundproofing materials.

But this will add more than $1500 to $3500 extra burden on your pocket. So be careful.

Wrap Up On How Much Does It Cost To Build A Garage

That’s great if you read all the above information because this information will help you to decide your garage budget.

What things to include what not, what type of garage is best, how much you need to pay for local laws, additional cost, and more. You need to prepare a road map so that you can save your valuable time and money.

If you want then you can give this work to your contractor or builder. But this will add more to the cost. So this is most important to set your garage door budget according to your pocket.

Otherwise, this may go beyond your thinking and limit.

Whether you need a single, double, three, or more cars, how much square foot you need to build your garage. This also notes down your plan. But do you know how much ROI you will be going to get for this?

After researching every homeowner’s convenience, protection, increase the value of the property, and others. I found that they are getting an 80% return on their investment.

It means you will get 80% of your investment so I think this is worth it.

So at the end, if you are paying attention to the whole article then you will find that I have left some topics in it. Do you why because I have covered only important and main costs that affect your budget.

FAQ: How Much Does It Cost To Build A Garage

This is a natural thing if you are facing a problem while building your own garage. So if you find the answer to those questions then you can read them.

Or if you have another question then comment right below. I will answer it as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to build a 30×40 garage?

Ans: So if you want to know about the 30×40 garage package price then you need to follow the above method. Then after you will get the right answer. But if you have a small budget then this may cost you around $10,000 to $12,000.

How much does it cost to build a garage with living quarters?

Ans: If you are planning to build an attached garage then this may cost you $15000 to $42000. Because you need to add some extra things with this package such as extra doors, stairs, and so on.

What does the garage door adjustment cost?

Ans: On average, you need to spend around $250 to $500 every year on your garage. So that it always provides better performance. But if you want then you can invest more because you will get 80% back on your investment.
So again, thanks for reading the whole article. If you find this information helpful then please share it with needy people.

So again, thanks for reading the whole article. If you find this information helpful then please share it with needy people.

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