How Much Does It Cost To Install A Double Garage Door?

While installing the double garage door how you define its actual cost that you are paying for. How you can make your garage door better and cost-effective.

So that this will not be hard on your pocket. Usually, the average cost for installing the garage door is about $2000 to $4500. But this depends on how effective materials you use.

According to the report of the US Product Safety Commission, around 10,000 to 15,000 people every year are seriously injured while operating their garage doors.

So while installing your garage door you need to consider every important part. That may become the major cause of the lifting power failure.

This will help you to double down your safety. But this usually needs more money.

Understanding how much it will cost you is very important. Because suddenly you can’t arrange money if needed extra. So you need to read this whole article carefully.

Because in this article I have covered the estimated cost of installing a double garage door.

But first, let’s take an overview of every estimated cost that you need to face for your garage door installation.

Double Garage Door Price Calculator:

ItemsAverage Cost
Material (Steel)$750
Size (12*7)$700
Types (Sectional)$1,000
Brand (Wayne Dalton)$1,050
Insulation (Fiberglass)$850
Style (Paneled)$750
Total Cost$5,875

I hope you have understood how much you need to pay to install your garage door. But this is an overview you need to understand all of them deeper.

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Cost To Build A Double Garage Door: Complete Analysis

How much estimated budget do you need to book for installing your double garage door? If you consider it first then you will not face any sudden expense.

Everything is noted down in your notebook. That’s why This complete analysis will help you to understand all the effective costs while installing your garage door.

1. Labor Cost To Build Double Garage Door

Labor costs may take more than your estimated budget for this. That’s why while installing the garage door you need to be clever.

So that you can save some money and maintain the labor budget. Usually, labor costs may differ from your area and my area.

So first you need to consider how much labor is charging in your area. And try to find better and cost-effective labor.

On average you will be charged from $500 to $1000 for the labor cost to install your double garage door.

Or if you require a custom installation then it may increase by 10 to 20% more. So after understanding the labor cost will lead you to the exact cost for installing your double garage door.

Exact costs make your budget strong and cost-effective but some other factors also affect this. Let’s check what those are.

Labor Cost For Installing Garage Door:

Manual Door$250 – $600
Automatic Door$500 – $750

These two are the major sources that will make a huge effect on your double garage door installation. Have you seen automatic garage door installation cost more than the manual one?

Because it needs some other parts to install that’s why It costs more.

2. Garage Door Cost By Material

How do you protect your car and other important parts in your garage? I know installing the garage door is very crucial and you can leave it.

But what materials are used to build it for better and effective use? Have you noticed which material is the best that can be used to construct your garage door?

Usually steel, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, composite, wood, and glass are some of the great and strong materials. Those are used to construct your garage door.

But understanding the cost of every material is very important to save some money with great material. Every material has its pros and cons and I think if you do, then you can read this.

Usually wood is the primary one that we use in our garage door. But how much does it cost? Its installation cost may go higher or not?

That’s why you need to look out this table and note down the cost.

Garage Door Material Cost Calculator:

Aluminum$1500 – $3200
Steel$2000 – $3500
Wood$5000 – $6000
Composite$4000 – $5000
Fiberglass$1700 – $2500
Glass$3200 – $4500
Vinyl$1800 – $2400

3. Cost By Different Types Of Garage Doors

How well and effectively your garage door is operating? How do your garage doors open and close? This will define the average cost to install a garage door.

Because many garage doors have different types of installation processes that take more or less time. The more time it takes to install the more you will be charged.

So if you haven’t chosen your garage door then you must understand how much you are going to cost on different types of garage doors.

So that you can make a wise decision on selecting the garage door. Make sure the price will not consider that it is the better selection.

That’s why you need to check one other perspective in it such as security, strength, durability, and more.

These features will help you to understand the effective cost of your garage door. If you want to know the pricing of them. Then you must read the below.

Cost Of Different Type Of Garage Doors:

Sectional$750 – $1800
Roll-Up$950 – $2100
Slide To The Side$850 – $1900
Side Hinged$700 – $1850
Tilt-Up Canopy$600 – $1500
Tilt-Up Retractable$650 – $1700

4. Garage Door Price Calculator By Size

How big is your garage? What is the measurement of your garage front door? Usually, every house is unique and its garage too?

Because some of the homeowners like to use a smaller door instead of the standard one and some bigger. I know you have 2 cars in the garage and you want to install them according to this.

But double garage doors also can be bigger and smaller according to your need and budget. The bigger size usually needs more money and time to install than the smaller one.

But if you use the smaller one then you may face some issues while parking your car in it. So both have their pros and cons.

So what should be the best size for you? If you are serious about the price and you want to make it as low as you want. Then you need to look at the cost by its sizes.

Double Garage Door Price Calculation By Size:

15*7$1900 – $2700
15*8$2300 – $3200
16*7$2200 – $3500
16*8$2500 – $3900
18*7$2400 – $4500
18*8$2600 – $5000

4. Major Brand Costing In Garage Door

Trust is the major factor that plays a very important role in the cost of everything. We usually trust branded items that will guarantee your security and will give better results.

But have you noticed that these brands are also charging their goodwill cost from you? On the other hand, local garage doors will usually come in the lower price range.

But on the other hand, these brands cost you more because of the trust that you have in them. And I think while deciding the garage door you need to check it first.

Because this is majorly related to your safety so if any garage door failed in its work. Then you might become in a very dangerous situation.

That’s why these brands can cost you to install a double garage door. After understanding this you can make a wise decision and select the best one. This will help you maintain your installation cost.

Garage Door Cost By Brands:

Clopay$1700 – $3000
Amarr$750 – $1400
The Overhead Door$2000 – $4000
Raynor$1200 – $1800
Midland$700 – $3500
Wayne Dalton$1500 – $9000
Northwest Door$2000 – $3000
Martin$1500 – $2500
Chi Overhead Doors$950 – $1700

5. Insulation Cost In Double Garage Door

Where are you living? Have you planned to use insulation on your garage door? If you really want to install insulation on your garage door then you need to include it in your installation budget.

Because this is somewhere related to this until you finish the installation cost. Usually, insulation will help you maintain the temperature and soundproofing in your garage.

So if you are living in a noisy place and quickly change weather then you need to install it. So that you can easily work in your garage. But what insulation is better to install on your garage door.

Which one works well according to your situation? So if you want to know this then this article might be helpful for you.

After understanding which insulation is best for your garage door. Then you also include the cost of the insulation so that you can define the perfect budget for your garage door installation.

Usually, fiberglass and reflective glass insulation is the better one that you might consider. That’s why you need to check out the cost of every insulation.

Insulation Cost Of Garage Door Installation:

Fiberglass$750 – $1100
Reflective Glass$500 – $800
Aluminum Sheet$600 – $900
Spray Foam$350 – $650

6. Garage Door Pricing By Style

How well does your garage door need to look? How better do you want to make your garage door? Usually the more luxury the style you apply to your garage door the more cost you need to pay for it.

Style usually makes your garage door look better so that your house looks better. Generally, style is not directly related to the strength of your garage door.

But this is somewhere related and it may decrease the effectiveness if you make any mistakes while selecting the style. That will not properly fit with your garage door structure.

Look, the garage door structure needs to check carefully because this may increase and decrease your safety while operating it.

That’s why using any unfit design will lead you to any major injury. So when you decide the design after checking all the security measurements you also understand the pricing.

Majorly there are 3 three common designs that people like to use on their garage doors. If your choice is one of them. Then you don’t need to take any tension because these designs are well checked.

Garage Door Installation Cost By Style:

Paneled$1400 – $2000
Carriage$1700 – $3600
French Door$2500 – $4500

7. Average Replacement Cost

Do you want to replace your older garage door with the new one? I know installing the new garage door from scratch might be difficult work because you haven’t done this before.

And you are not aware of the size, labor cost, materials, and other important costs. That if you have experience in it then you can decrease it.

I know replacement also needs some extra work. That’s why you need to include the cost in the installation cost of your new garage door.

That’s why this works the same as you are installing the new garage door. You are saving some money because you have already done it but on the other hand, its replacement cost will maintain the cost.

But how much does it cost to remove your older garage door with the new one? You can include this budget in your installation cost budget.

On average this cost may go up to $250 to $550 depending on what type of garage door and how heavy your garage door is. This cost may high if your garage door is heavy than the expected one.

This replacement depends on various reasons such as damage, curbs, and more.

Usually, normal damage can easily be repaired but if you have fiberglass, aluminum, and other types of garage doors. Then a replacement is the only way.

This is the major downside of these garage doors. On the other hand, steel and wooden garage doors can easily be repaired.

8. Other Improvement & Enhancement Materials Cost

After installing the garage door how do you feel? Is this working well or need to do more? Usually installing the garage door is the first step you need to work more to make it better.

That’s why I have suggested you install the insulation on your garage door. But if you feel this need more. Then what you need to do.

I am going to suggest some other improvement materials. That you can use according to your need. But carefully check the cost of each and every one.

Light Bulb

Installing the new light bulb is usually an important part especially in the automatic garage doors.

Commonly this lighting can be installed at the outside and inside of your garage door to make it brighter to see.

So on average, this bulb comes $100 to $250 and you need to include the electrician charges around $50 to $70.


If you have a little bit of a bigger or smaller garage door than the standard size or if you have made a custom design.

Then you need to resize the opening of the closing doors. That may cost you around $500 to $1500. So if you don’t want to spend this then you need to be very careful while selecting the garage door.

Window & Security

Usually, automatic garage doors can be hacked. That’s why using some additional security materials will help you to protect your important things from stealing.

But this may increase the cost to install the garage door. However, windows will come in the new garage door. But if you haven’t then installed it also costs around $30 to $90 per window. 

Wrap Up On How Much Does It Cost To Install A Double Garage Door

It’s good if you have already read the complete article carefully. Because this will help you make your estimated budget to install a garage door.

Whether it is single, double, or three all the above materials and charges work the same. But the amount changed according to the size and type that you want.

Apparently, I have tried to cover all the major expenses that you may face while installing the double garage door.

But this is an estimated cost that’s why it may be lower and higher according to your area, weather, type, and many other factors. That’s why I suggest you make it a little bit higher than the expected cost.

So that when you spend your budget, you suddenly need an important part to install. Then you need to borrow some money from anyone.

By the way, this whole article is written after deep research and depends on my own experience. So you are not going to face any problems. 


Installing the garage door is very difficult that’s why many people face problems. I have tried my best to give appropriate answers to them after the deep analysis.

Can I install the garage door by myself?

Yes, you can but this needs more experience, and if you don’t have. Then you might face lots of issues. That’s why I suggest you hire some laborers for this work.

Should I install any local garage door?

In my opinion, if you are seriously concerned about yourself and your close ones every safety.

Then instilling the branded garage door is the better option. I know this needs more money to invest. But this is worth it.

Which garage is the cheapest one?

If you want to save some extra money while selecting the garage door. Then a steel garage is the best one that works well and provides better safety.

But it has a downside, steel easily corrodes. So if you are living in a rainy place. Then you need to change it again and again.

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