How Much Does A Garage Door Weight ? Complete Guide!

How Much Does A Garage Door Weight: Complete Guide!

Analyzing the weight of your garage door will help you understand, is your garage can handle heavy wind and rain just like a hurricane.

So that you can safeguard your car and other important stuff as well. Because after understanding your garage door you can add or less weight as needed.

According to the study of the Insurance Information Institute, almost every year America facing hilarious hurricanes that literally become the cause of around 2000 to 10,000 innocent citizens’ death.

That’s why making the complete house strong will safeguard you and your close ones.

So whether you have a strong garage with heavy insulation if your garage door is strong to bear the heavy wind. Then it can block it outside.

If you haven’t check it yet then you might be confused about how you can determine the weight of your garage door.

Don’t worry that’s why I have written this article. I have covered all the possible part that is adding weight to your garage door.

I will give you a complete guide on how you can easily check the exact weight of your garage door.

So that that you can increase the decrease it down and get ready for it.

First, you need to understand the average weight calculator of your garage door.

Size1″ Thickness2″ Thickness
8*736 KG43 KG
8*840 KG49 KG
9*738 KG47 KG
9*843 KG54 KG
10*744 KG52 KG
10*851 KG60 KG
12*751 KG61 KG
12*859 KG70 KG
14*762 KG73 KG
14*870 KG84 KG
15*765 KG78 KG
15*878 KG95 KG
16*770 KG82 KG
16*884 Kg99 KG

I hope the given details might help you but if you want to know deeper. Then let’s understand the weight of every part of your garage door.

How To Determine Weight Of Garage Door: 10 Important Things

When you getting ready to protect your house from such things that may be harmful to you. Then the garage also plays a very important role in it.

Because for the past few years America is facing lots of natural disasters and heavy flooding and cyclone are one of common. That literally comes every year.

So if you want to protect yourself from it. You need to make your house as much as strong. Whether it is underneath your garage door bottom or the roof of your house.

Both have their importance that’s why if you are seriously concerned about it. Then you need to know all the 10 important things. That prevents that nature impact on the sweet home.

1. Non – Insulated Garage Door Weight

Living in a moderate environment keeps you much safer from health issues and also protects your house. That’s why you don’t need to make a strong structure for your house.

The standard structure works well. Although insulation depends on you. But this is not required.

If you insulate your garage door then it will only increase the weight. And if don’t then it work as you want.

Because the insulation is kind of a barrier that maintains the inside temperature. So that you can work in your garage or also this will protect the house and save your pocket.

When you see the cost of insulation you will surprise because it is literally very higher than the expected price. But this also depends on your situation.

The better the insulation the more cost you need to pay.

Average Weight Of Non-Insulated Garage Door:

QuantityAverage Weight
Single Door41 KG
Double Door54 KG
Three Door73 KG

This price will let you know how much weight your non-insulated garage has. But this is an estimated budget you may see some difference.

Because I haven’t included all other important stuff. That will increase the weight such as the type, insulation, other materials, and so on. So only understanding the standard weight is not enough.

You need to know deeper information.

2. Insulated Garage Door Weight

Have you insulated your garage or garage door? What kind of insulation you have used? What are you feeling after insulation?

So when or after the insulation process this will usually increase the weight. If you insulate your garage door then this will help you to maintain the temperature inside whether the outside temperature is 0°C or 60°C or more.

This totally depends on how better insulation you have used. Suppose if you use simple straw as insulation on your garage door.

Then are they provide a better environment or not. I think no, or if you use fiberglass insulation then it will provide better insulation.

Because it is the combination of 2 highly insulating materials.

But this will also increase the weight. Then do you how much this insulation adds weight to your garage door. So that you can decide which one needs to install and which one not.

Garage Door Insulation Average Weight:

Insulation TypesAverage WeightInsulation
Reflective Foam20 KGHigh
Foam Panels11 KGMedium
Fiberglass Batts16 KGHigh
Cellulose Panels6 KGMedium
Spray Foam7 KGHigh

So this is the average weight that will be added to your garage if you use any of them. So you need to identify how much weight you can increase on your garage door.

3. Different Types Of Garage Door Weight

What type of garage door you have? Is it roll-up, section, side open, or other? Understanding the garage door type is very important.

Because this will help you understand what kind of things you are required to use on your garage door to increase or decrease the weight.

This usually said that all the garage door have different terminologies. But all of them are using for the same work open and close your garage.

But when you understand it then you will literally identify which part should be removed from your garage door. So that its weight automatically goes down.

For example, side-hinged garage doors don’t have a torsion spring, shaft, and garage door opener. So this you can increase the weight of it.

But it’s hinged usually not so strong so this will not work if you are living in a cyclone-affected area. Typically, all the garage doors are basic standard parts.

So that you don’t need to work hard. I am going to provide an important chart that will help you to understand the estimated weight of your garage door.

Estimated Weight Of DIffernt Types Of Garage Doors:

Garage Door TypesEstimated Weight
Roll-Up180 KG
Sectional95 KG
Side To Side120 KG
Side-Hinged85 KG
Tilt-Up170 Kg

4. Different Materials Of Garage Door Weight

Considering how better your garage door should be is dependent on what kind of material used while building it. The better the material you use better protection you will get.

Whether Poseidon is raining too much or the Zeus is thundering the clouds your house will not be affected by them. Because you have already prepared for this situation.

I know using the better garage doos is a priority but which one should be the best. Have you researched it? If you don’t then you need to read the types of Garage Doors.

Where I have provided deeper information on how you can choose the best garage door for you and how you can install it. After considering now what is the next step?

Wait!, Have you check out how much it will increase the weight of your garage door? Is your garage door opener is can handle the weight or you need to change it also.

Because if your garage door opener can’t handle its weight. Then you may face lots of issues with your garage door opener. That’s why I have explained how much weight will going to increase in your garage door.

Average Weight Of Different Material In Garage Doors:

MaterialsAverage Weight
Fiberglass85 KG
Aluminum150 KG
Steel162 KG
Vinyl80 KG
Wood226 KG

5. How Much Thick Your Garage Door Is?

The thicker you make your garage door the better protection you will get from any type of disaster. S0 having a strong garage door literally protect your house from nature anger.

When nature started falling down the heavy wind and flooding then it might be difficult to face. But if you have a protected house that while easily handle this situation.

Then you don’t need to worry about anything. This becomes honeydew while living in a deeply affected from this problem.

North America always faces this situation but all the citizens who are living in this place. Made their houses very strong and protective. So that their important things can be stream away in the heavy water flow.

So if you are also new in this place then you must make your house and especially garage door very strong and waterproof.

So that flooding can be entered your house. But if you make your garage door thick by installing other things on it. Then it will also increase the weight.

So make sure to check carefully all things especially your garage door opener.

6. Determine The Size Of Your Garage Door

What kind of garage door you have? Single, double, or three doors? What is the exact size of all of them? When you identify this then this will literally tell you how much weight you can put on it.

Suppose if you have only a single door garage door. Then it usually can’t add more than 10% of its current weight.

If you do then you may face many issues with your garage door. Because its tracks spring, cables, garage door opener, and other things are not made for that weight.

You need to also change them but this will need more money. I am not suggesting doing this. First, you need to check what kind of garage door you have.

Then what are the materials have used to build it, and last the exact size because whether you have 2, 3, or even 4 section garage door? The actual weight only will cover in a single section.

So all you need to do just measure the size of only one. Then multiply with all the garage doors which you have.

Garage Door Weight Estimate:

Single Door9*747 KG
Double Door16*782 KG
Thee Door20*7114 KG

7. What Are The Other Materials Increase The Weight

Making the garage door as much as stronger people just like you starting to use other material or they have already used it.

Just like a window, I know the window is important in the garage door because this will help you pass the air and sunlight. This will make you comfortable and also you can easily work.

But this extra weight makes your garage door weeker because glass can be broken easily. So when you are planning to use any window on your garage door.

Then see-through fiberglass will easily pass through the air and sunlight. Also, this will not go too broke easily you need to do hard work on it.

But literally, if you are living in a North America-like continent then don’t use any kind of window. Wait this is also some other accessories and parts that increase the weight.

This is good if you want a thicker layer but if you don’t want then you can also remove it. But first, let’s understand how much weight it will increase.

Estimate Garage Door Accessories Weight:

AccessoriesAverage Weight
Non-Insulate Glass Window3 KG
Insulate Glass Window5 KG
Reinforced Struts7 KG
Punched Angels7 KG
Decorative Hardware6 KG

Is Your Area Hurricane Affected?

Identifying your area is really a great thing because this will help you to understand your area problems. Suppose if your living house area is facing water, electricity, or any natural disaster.

Then you can prepare yourself to fight against that problem.

Whether it is a hurricane or heavy flooding if your house is already protected with every stronger material. Then all the natural disasters can’t affect more than the others.

All you need just make as much as stronger your house from the top and the bottom.

The bottom is literally very important because if your base is not stronger then your house can’t safeguard you and your family members.

Essentially your garage and garage door need to make it thicker so that they can hold your house. You can also the above things which I have shared above.

Or if you have something different in your mind then also you can work on it.

Wrap Up On How Much Does A Garage Door Weight

Whether you have installed roll-up, section, hinged, or other garage doors. If you want to safeguard your house then you installing the other things might be a great choice.

Because these things increase the weight of your garage door and help you connect with your base. If your base is not much stronger then your house can’t suffer in any natural disaster.

That’s why I have covered what things you can install in your garage door to make it better for you. This will work great only if you are living in a dangerous place.

Which is facing lots of natural disasters such as cyclones or flooding. That is the common not that the people of America face usually every year.

But make sure after installing it you need to check every aspect of your garage door. Is it working well or not. Can I increase more weight or is it a little bit higher than the expected one.

FAQ: How Much Does A Garage Door Weight

As you making garage door heavier is a very hard thing. That’s why many people face many problems. So I have added some of them and try my best to give appropriate answers.

How much weight does a garage door spring take?

This literally depends on what kind of garage door you have. If you section the garage door then it might be lower weight than the standard one.

Or if you have three car garage door then it usually needs more. But the standard size of is garage door spring is about 9 KG for the single door garage door.

How do I identify if my garage balanced?

After installing all the things in your garage door to increase the weight. The first thing you need to check is your garage door balanced or not.

So for doing this you need to first go outside and try to manually lift the garage door. And try to understand is it balanced or not. This is the best technique for this.

Should I need to change my garage door opener?

How much you have increased the weight of your garage door? If this is more than the estimated limit of your garage door opener.

Then usually you need to change it. Otherwise, you may face issues with it. So before increasing the weight I suggest checking how much your garage door can handle.

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