How to Install a Garage Door: Step by Step Guide?

Is installing the garage door a little bit of risky work? What should be needed before doing this? What is the exact process of installing any types of garage door?

If you are surrounded by these questions then how should you solve them?

According to the report of the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), around 2000 people are crushed every year by the garage doors. Do you know why this happens? How can you stop them?

This is as simple as you need to install it carefully by following the exact process. But how can you do that? 

Don’t worry after consulting the professionals I have prepared this exact step-by-step process of installing the garage door. So you can protect your garage and yourself as well.

Additionally, I have shared I have some interesting information about your garage door. That will help you find the better one for installing in your garage.

So first let’s understand what tools should be needed. So you collect it before installing it.

Tools Should Be Needed For Installing Garage Door

This is the better thing if you have collected all the important tools before starting the installation process. So you can quickly finish your work.

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Wrench
  3. Drill
  4. Level
  5. Locking Pillars
  6. Nut & Bolts
  7. Lubricant
  8. Masking Tape
  9. Ladder
  10. Gasket

So these are some of the necessary tools for installing the garage door. You should consider them so when you need any of them then you can get them easily. But these are estimated you may need some more according to your need. So let’s start the installation process.

How To Install A Garage Door

Do you know where you need to install the ball bearing? How can you attach the garage door opener to your garage door? This process is very simple but if you know you can do that properly.

I have covered them in this process so that you can understand the whole process.

1. Make A Plan

How much bigger should your garage door be? What is the type of garage door? How can you engage it with your garage door opener? How much does it cost?

If you make a perfect plan then you can easily identify these things. Because you have already researched them and now are ready to install them.

The study says that if anybody makes even an estimated plan for their work then they will get more benefits from them.

So if you don’t have lots of time to waste then you should invest some time to make a plan for installing your garage door.

I will not tell you how you can do that because your garage door may differ from me and if you use the same plan. Then you may waste your money and time as well.

So I suggest you make it according to your need, budget, front size of your garage, and more things. But make sure to include each and everything in it from start to end.

2. Collect All The Panels Together

Whether you are going to use a window in your garage door or not this is necessary that you have selected a thicker and lighter garage door.

Because this will make the operations easy and simple. After making the plan you need to collect all the panels at one place. So that you can decide which part should be at the top and which bottom.

Usually, manufacturers provided labels on all the panels so that you don’t face any problems while checking them.

But if you don’t find anything in yours then you can identify it by checking a track at the bottom panel. Generally, by reading the manual you can easily figure it out.

Although all the panels have a rubber gasket at the top that indicates this but usually this is used to maintain the inner temperature. So that it can provide better insulation and will work a long time.

3. Install Hinges, Brackets & Rollers

So after collecting all the panels you will need some hinges, brackets, and rollers for closing and opening it. That usually comes with this and you can easily find them in the box.

It has many components so don’t confuse you will easily find them. So usually all these three attachments work to hold the garage door.

So usually all the brackets are installed on both sides of your garage door. I mean if you have four panels then you need to install at the least 8 brackets at the top and the bottom in every panel.

Then all the hinges are used to attach all the panels together. You need to install them at both corners and the middle of the top of your garage door panel. So That you can get a better attachment and this will prevent most of the accidents.

At the last, all the rollers would go in the holes of the brackets. This will go inside the track so that you can open and close the garage door. These rollers have a rubber cover that will prevent all the irritating noise.

4. Attach The Panels With Tracks

How can you install all the tracks in your garage door? This is not so much hard to do all the need just follow the manual and attach with the other parts.

You will get 2 rails horizontal and landscape that will be going to install on both sides. Usually all the brackets and the bolts you will find at the back so you can attach them with your garage door surface.

Keep in your mind the top side where you need to attach the horizontal rail with the landscape you need to use a rode holder. That will hold your upper and corner rail.

Then after you need to position it carefully, usually the flat side going towards the walls and the rounded side in front of it.

Then get the rail around the rollers so that it can easily adjust. Don’t worry all the hardware brackets are loosened you can simply tighten them. When you will get the perfect adjustment.

5. Install Torsion Shaft, Spring & Drum

How does your garage door easily go up and down? Yes, the torsion shaft, spring, and drum are behind this process.

These components made a heavy-duty holding part of your garage door. That will easily help you operate your garage door. So let’s understand them one by one.

The torsion shaft is the simple lighter bar that will hold both spring and drum. That’s why it needs to be heavy-duty otherwise it will not work well.

You just need to set it at the top bracket of your garage door and tighten them with nuts and bolts.

Torsion spring is the main part of these whole components that sit at the middle of the shaft. First, you need to lock the shaft by using the Y clamp on it.

Now, you are ready to wind the spring by using 2 bars that are going to be in the hole of the torsion spring. You need to wind it counterclockwise.

The drum is used at both ends of the tube shaft so that it can hold the cable properly. Both have red and black marks that will decide which side you need to use them.

So the red one should be on the left and black on the right side. But don’t worry they have also L or R signs on it.

Well in case of any issue with the Torsion spring you can follow our exclusive detailed guide on the replacement of the garage door spring.

6. Attach Side Mounted Cable

Do you know torsion springs, side-mounted cables, and garage door openers are used to open and close the garage door properly? If you do not combine them properly then it might not work well.

These side-mounted cables also play a very important role in it. That is using both sides and attached with the drum and at the bottom of your garage door.

This will additionally support the garage door to prevent any accident. You just need to round it on the drum and hook it at the noob at the bottom.

But you need to remember to drop it back to the rollers. So that it can’t be stuck on anything.

7. Added Garage Door Bottom Seal

While going at the bottom you will need to install a garage door bottom seal. It will prevent your garage from any unwanted outside thing such as dirt, dust, and water.

Usually, if you are living in a rainy and cold place, water is the main problem. That needs to be prevented and if you do that then it will safeguard your garage tools.

Generally, the weather seal comes in 2 shapes T and U and you can choose any of them according to your need and situation. But I suggest you use the U shape because it is much better to stop everything. 

You need to slide the weather seal at the bottom trap of your garage door here are the best garage door seal you can choose from.

8. Attach With The Garage Door Opener

How can you operate your garage door? Suppose if you are not at home and you need to open the garage door. Then how can you do that?

In this situation, the garage door opener will help you. Generally, garage doors are used with only a garage door opener otherwise you will face many problems.

You have many options to choose from such as a wall or ceiling-mounted garage door opener. If you don’t have much space on your ceiling then just use a wall-mounted otherwise ceiling mounted is the best one.

You will get all the attachments that you can use to attach with your garage door opener.

After it, you can easily open and close your garage door through a wireless remote. Along with all these parts when coming to security purposes all garage door openers are coming with eye-catching and security rays.

That will help you secure your garage from unauthorized access.

After installing the garage door opener now your work is finished. You have successfully installed your fully functional garage door. But wait if you are still confused then I recommend watching this whole video. 

Wrap Up On How To Install A Garage Door

If you are going to install the garage door opener then keep in your mind to wear all and safe things. So that you can save yourself and also this is great to take help of anyone. So that you can do your work very quickly.

Generally, installing the garage door is not so difficult to work but I don’t know why people hesitate while installing it. You just need to follow all the steps properly. That’s why I have given all the steps in a very simple way to understand properly.

But be careful while installing the torsion spring because this is very dangerous because it has the most tension on it. So that it can easily close and open the garage door.

That’s great if you have read all the information properly this will help you more. Or if you face any problem then you can watch the video or read the instruction manual. That you will get with your garage door.

But keep in mind that every garage door is different and as I have explained that you have the option to select in section, roll up, and counterweight garage door. And the installation process is different in everyone.

FAQ: How To Install A Garage Door

Have you heard about its cost and should you do that by yourself or not? I find that many people are asking these types of questions.

That’s why I have added those in this article to give an appropriate answer. If you have any other then you can simply ask in the comment section I will reply as soon as possible.

Q1. Can I Install a Garage Door By Myself?

Ans: Installing a garage door is not much hard thing to do? You can do that by yourself.

As I have earlier explained that If you follow all the steps carefully then nothing will happen badly.

You need to understand the whole concept and how you can do that. You can follow the given steps to get success in it. Or if you are still confused then I have added the complete video. 

Q2. How Much Does It Cost To Install A Garage Door?

Ans: Usually this depends on how much you can spend. The limit is the infinity of everything whether your budget is $500 or $4200.

You can easily install your garage door in both conditions. 

Installing Garage Door Cost
Average Cost – $1000 – $2000
Maximum Cost – $3000 – $4200
Minimum Cost – $400 – $500

Q3. Can I Use My Old Tracks In The New Garage Door?

Ans: Suppose if you are using a roll-up garage door and you have converted it into the section garage door.

Then how you can use the same track in both. This will not fit in the new garage door. But if the type and brand of the garage door are the same then it might work. So first you need to check it.

Thanks for reading. If you find this article useful then share it with the needy one. So that he\she can easily install their garage door. 

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