How To Lubricate Garage Door | Roller, Opener Chain, Spring Complete Guide

How To Lubricate Garage Door | Roller, Opener Chain, Spring Complete Guide

Lubricating the garage door is not a harder job to do. But it is necessary to choose the best lubricant for your garage door.

Which one is the best lubrication silicone or lithium? What is the step-by-step process to lubricate the garage door easily? Do you know about it?

A study says that 20 to 30 percent of people start lubricating the garage door without understanding the main and important parts. How to lubricate them properly so that you do not get in danger.

Generally, garage doors have 3 important parts that are also dangerous for you; baring spring, torsion spring, opener chain.  Do you have to lubricate them carefully?

Do you know how often to lubricate the garage door?

If you don’t know about them, then I recommended reading this complete article carefully. Because I have explained the step-by-step process of lubricating the garage door.

So let’s start our amazing tour.

First, understand which lubrication is the best silicone or lithium-based.

Silicone Vs Lithium Lubrication

If you are confused about which one is the best in between both of them to use in your garage.

Then you can go with the lithium-based lubrication. Because this works very well against the friction and creates moisture and friction-reducing barriers on the surface. 

Where the silicone-based lubrication will protect your garage from the water. It means silicone lubrication creates a water resistance layer on the surface. So that your garage door protects itself from rust.

Now, probably you understood correctly why I am supporting lithium lubrication instead of silicone. Here is my only recommendation.

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So let’s move on to the steps where you need to lubricate the surface.

How To Lubricate Garage Door – Step By Step Process

So in this section, I am going to cover every important aspect of your garage to lubricate them carefully. What you need to do at the start and what at the end?

Step 1: Close The Garage Door

First, you need to close your garage door so that you can start working on the lubrication process. If you have the remote then use but if not then use the button.

Step 2: Cut The Power

Now, you need to consider your safety. I mean it may be possible when you are working on your lubrication process the garage door opens suddenly.

Or someone starts it using the wireless connection. That’s why after closing the door just plug out the main power source of your garag door opener.

Confuse!!. Just disconnect your garage door opener, this is the main thing that controls the whole garage door usually. I know that shutting the whole circuit box is very difficult that’s why I said this.

Step 3: Start the Cleaning Process

That’s great if you have cut off the power source. Because this may create problems while cleaning the garage door.

The cleaning process is very simple. You just need to clean cloth and start cleaning every part of your garage door. But most importantly you need to focus on the tracks and rollers.

Because you don’t need to lubricate them. That’s why you need to clean them correctly. Just wipe down the tracks and rollers and remove all the dirt and dust inside them.

Make sure no dirt and debris is left in it. Otherwise, you may face some friction noise from it.

If you are facing problems while using a cloth then you can use vacuum for this work. This will clean the tracks and rollers so that you will get smooth operations.

Step 4: Start the Lubrication Process

Now, you are totally ready to start your amazing lubrication tour where you are going to smooth all the hinges, baring and torsion springs, locks, opener chains, and so on. So let’s understand them one by one.

1. How to Lubricate Hinges?

Now, you need to start with the hinges because these are parts that hold every part of the garage door.

First, manually lift the garage door and start spraying all the hinges of your garage door. 2 and 3 sprays are enough for this but make sure all the hinges should totally be covered from the lubrication.

Because this will give your smoother operations. I also have a roll-up garage door that hinges made with stainless steel.

But I know that if I don’t do this properly then this will become very annoying for me. That’s why I’m recommending you.

2. How to Lubricate Rolling Drum?

Now you need to lubricate the rolling drum that is usually given above your garage door on both sides. These rolling drums are looking like the rolling plat.

That covers the tube shaft and holds the side-mounted cable that helps the opener to lift the garage door. 

Try to evenly spread the lubrication around the rolling drum so that it can provide smoother operations.

Keep in mind that this drum is connected to the side-mounted cable so while you are doing this just disconnect it first. So that the lubrication process works correctly.

3. How to Lubricate Torquemaster Springs?

After working on the rolling drum now you need to lubricate the torquemaster spring that is usually given inside the tube shaft. This helps the rolling drum lift the garage door.

This process needs time and effort and you need to do this carefully. 

Because the torquemaster spring is in the tube shaft. That’s why first you need to come out from the tube shaft. So that you can lubricate it correctly.

If you don’t know how to uninstall the torquemaster spring from the garage door then you can follow this step right below.

  • Follow all the caution exercises.
  • Unwind the rolling drum on both sides by losing the nut.
  • Also, uninstall the gauge.
  • Then carefully come out torquemaster spring.

How simple is that ha!. I think this is not. This is an overview of all the steps. You need to understand them deeply by clicking on this link.

4. How to Lubricate Torsion Spring?

Hold on, this is very dangerous to work on the torsion spring so don’t do any silly thing with this spring. Otherwise, you become in danger. So just use the lithium lubricant and spray on its surface. 

Make sure to do this evenly and try the most of the lubrication that goes inside it. So that the friction goes out.

Usually, torsion springs hold most of the weight of your garage door. That’s why it needs to be lubricated properly. But make sure to do this only after reinstalling the torquemaster garage door spring. 

Because the torsion springs also cover the tube shaft. So when you do this without finishing the above step then you may face some issues.

5. How to Lubricate Lock And Armbar?

Lubricating the lock and the armbar will make the locking system smoother and for the long run. It will also prevent dirt and dust to enter your garage. You just need to spray 2 or 3rd times in the keyhole of your locking system. 

But make sure after lubricating the locking system you need to lubricate the armbar at the top of your garage door. So that the process finishes his role. Most important after lubricating both you will not find any issue.

6. How to Lubricate Garage Door Opener Chain?

This is part of your garage door opener when you open and close the door then the above part of this chain works side the rain on it. That’s why it produces friction that needs to be removed. 

Then this is necessary to lubricate it also because its friction also produces so much annoying noise that may disturb you.

So you need to spray the top of it and then around the rag so that lithium lubrication spreads evenly. Usually, this garage door chain is a natural protectant so it is also necessary to lubricate it. 

But if you want to lubricate the hole rail then I don’t recommend it because it doesn’t work well. Because you need to lubricate only the friction part in your garage door.

7. How to Lubricate Ball Bearing?

I know you have seen a ball bearing in your garage door that is responsible for every moment in your garage door. Without them, your garage door can’t be open and closed.

Have you ever noticed the noise coming from these ball bearings? No, then try it. Most of the noise is coming from them.

That’s why if you want to remove this noise from your garage then you need to lubricate them also. So the ball bearing works smoothly and provides a better working experience.

8.  How to Lubricate Tracks & Rollers?

I know what I have said earlier but this is your choice to lubricate tracks and rollers or not. There are 2 factors behind the cleaning and lubrication process on tracks and rollers.

First, tracks are a long way and they are made with stainless steel also if you have already lubricated the ball bearing. Usually, the main part helps the garage door for operations. Then why you need it.

Second, tracks and rollers don’t produce much noise. But if you use lubrication on both of the parts then you will not hear any kind of friction noise.

So this totally depends on your choice.

Now you have finished understanding the step-by-step process on how to lubricate the garage door. You are ready to do that.

But if you are still confused then you can watch this video you will understand it properly.

What are you waiting for?

Finishing the article, right choice because I have also something important for you. That I have given below.

Wrap Up On How To Lubricate Garage Door

I know now you are very excited to finish the lubrication process of your garage. But hold on! Have you taken every security precaution that saves from the disaster while working on the garage door? If no, then do it first.

Then after applying all the security measurements now then you are ready to move the cleaning process. For that, you can do any cleaning thing such as clothes or a vacuum as well.

What you will use?

Then whether you have silicone or lithium lubrication both protect your garage door from other issues. But the protection segment is different for both.

I have explained about every friction part in your garage door that produces noise and needs to lubricate. Additionally, I have added a video that will help you to understand the whole process.

FAQ: How To Lubricate Garage Door

I have added 3 important questions that you need to know before executing your working plan. Or if you have any doubts then you ask in the comment section below.

How often to lubricate the garage door?

This is a difficult question because this depends on the heavy use and climate in your area. First, check it then you will get the exact period of time in which you need to lubricate your garage door. But in general, it is better to lubricate it every three months. 

Is wd40 lubrication good for your garage?

Yes, this is the best choice for lubricating your garage door. Because this is multi-use lubrication and made with the mixed material of lithium and silicon. That prevents your garage door from rust and friction as well. 

Should I lubricate garage door cables?

Yes, you can but this will not affect your lubrication process. Because you need to lubricate only friction parts that produce annoying noise and are responsible for the damages to your garage door.

I am sure this well researched guide has helped you in lubricating the Garage Door, if you fond this information useful then please share with the relevent group of people.

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