Can thieves open or Hack your garage door and How to protect it from burglars?

Well, it is common problem with every garage owner and it is almost the case with all the Garge doors that they are having at the risk to be hacked by the burglars.

It is surprising for you to know that according to a study that in the USA alone more than 2.5 million burglaries per year out of which 65% are home break-ins.

We care a lot about the home and its all-around security but focus rarely around the Garage specially detach garage and Garage door.

And 65% of burglars know their victims and the average break-in lasts around 8-10 minutes, so their best approach is to enter the house via the Garage door.

Yes, in summary, any type of Garage door can be hacked easily by any burglars or thieves, so let me first elaborate on how this is possible, and later I will give you the best possible solution around it to stop a break-in.

How a Thieves or Burglar can Break into a Garage Door?

Let me cover those three most possible reasons, due to which most of the times burglars can easily break-in and from there it can also enter your house in case, it is an attached Garage.

Intercepting the transmission between Garage Door and Remote

This is the most common problem with every garage door which is still using the old technology to pass command from their remote to the garage door.

With such old digital remote systems, when you press the button all the time it passes the same unique code to the garage door opener and it gets open.

There with modern interception techniques, any burglar who is already keeping eye on your Garage can easily intercept it in few seconds, no matter even if it is encrypted.

Well once your code is identified, it will be easier for burglars to give command using the same code and your Garage door will most welcome to the burglar.

But now you will not face a similar problem as I have already provided the best solution for this problem later in this guide, so let discuss what is another way?

Pull the Emergency Chord or String Attached with Motor

It is pretty much the case with all the Garage door openers, that for an emergency situation where the light is not available or the Remote is not working, we always expected to use the emergency chord.

Which is mainly available at the center of the Garage door and almost every burglar knows about its exact location, no matter even if he is standing outside and guessing his own.

Most probably, the burglar will use a wire or any flexible string, and slightly pushing the Garage door can create a space just above the door to enter the cable inside.

With a little bit here and there tries, he can hold of the string and pull from the outside which will disengage the motor from the Garage door and here you go door will open automatically.

Here you can have a look on how this can be attempted by the Burglars.

Isn’t it easy for anyone to give it a try?

And the success rates are pretty high that your doors will definitely be broken by burglars,not to worry solution for this is also given later in this guide.

You Left your Garage Door Open

This is your mistake as you left your door open accidentally and there the main reason is sometimes you feel that you need to open Garage door frequency and you kept it open and later forget.

Or the other case is, you have an automated system in place which was failed to lock the door and you not even know that such a thing already happened with your door.

These three are the pretty much common major unknown ways, which thieves are using to break in and of course, I am not detailing all other common reasons.

Now let me highlight on how to protect your Garage Door opener or Garage door from Break in by any thieves or Burglars.

How do I protect my garage door from burglars?

Well, it is not much difficult to improve the security of the Garage or Garage door opener applying the below mentioned proven strategies and I am sure you will find the most possible solutions out of it.

Use the Smart Garage Door Opener with Rolling Code

First of all, you need to replace your old Garage door opener which communicates with the remote using the same code again and again and need to use a system that generating a new code every time while you press the button.

Now, what happens is even your communication is intercepted which is also not the case in modern encryption technologies but still let consider it has been intercepted.

The hacker will get the only current time code which will work only once as both Motor and Remote are programed to react only once.

So next time Garage door opener motor expecting a new code to be opened . so after your first communication a hacker will try to use the same code, the motor will not respond and no door will be open.

Isn’t it simple?

Well if you are asking me, which Garage door opener you have to use then here I have already listed the top or best smart garage door opener, which will exactly follow the same strategy to protect your garage door opener.

Use Garage Shield Protection before String

This is the quickest and easiest solution to block the burglars from getting access to the emergency chord or string from outside.

How these shields works are, it mainly designed taking the consideration of the actual shield being used during the war to protect soldiers from the sword.

Yes, here in our case the sword is the incoming cable or wire which burglars pushing from outside and shield will be placed just before the garage door chord or string.

And this shield will be quite big enough to cover the chord from a wider area so all the outside cables will be blocked by the shield and no more access to the emergency cable.

Isn’t it simple? I am sure yes, Here is the same which you can check yourself.

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Use the Motion sensor Light

We are very familiar with the most possible times when any Burglars try to break in and it is mainly during the dark light or night.

So why can’t we install a motion sensor light? That will track the movement before the Garage door and it found any movement for a certain time will automatically turn in.

Now thieves might get alert that he is visible to everyone and might drop his intention to break in and walk away from your Garage door.

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Use Garage Door Alarm to get Intruder alert

This is the easiest high-security monitoring system, which also been recommended by the FBI, as it estimates that after every 14.5 seconds a home break-in reported and causes a lot of losses and damages.

This alarm can be set with any type of door including the garage door and every time gives an alert to the homeowner with a louder 120 dB siren that even can be heard from the 750 ft distance.

But I am sure, you think this will be irritating then this can be configured for family members to enter or exit with a certain delay but if the door open for more than a defined time the Siren will be triggered.

This way you can get an instant alert of a break-in if anything as such happens and installtion for the same is a quick and easy process using the simple DIY tips with proper instruction given with the product.

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Use Garage Door Sensor and Automatic Closer

This has helped a lot many people to control their Garage door open or close timings. This device will control the timings for which the doors will open or close.

This means, even if accidentally you left your door open then the sensor will detect the same, and this automatic door closer that closely works with the sensor will get notified, and will trigger a command to lock it automatically or notify you that the door is open.

You can install this device in no time and the proper instruction will be given on how to install this with small drill on the wall.

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Use Security Cameras before Garage Door

This is not an extra ordinary solution but i though to highligh here how effective this to stop break-in garage door.

Just having security cameras, Burglars will always have thought of more cautious and their attempt to break in will definitely be reduced.

But try to hide the cameras, so that will not capture the attention of the Burglars attention but place a note on the door thtat the door is under hidden security cameras surviliance.

So by mistake, any burglars will try, even you can take actions accordingly capturing his movement and lodging police complaints and using all other above mentioned systems in place.

I am sure this has given you a good idea of what is suppose to be done to protect your garage and hacking of the Garage door opener but before closing this, here are more bonuses.

Wrap up on How do you protect Garage Door from Burglars?

Out of the all above suggested ways, I am sure the use of the advanced modern smart garage door opener and having a shield before emergency chord will be the best possible solution to get started with.

But if you have a detached garage, then I strongly suggest you increase the visibility from your house and neighbor cutting all the bushes and any other visibility blocker.

Keep focusing on the maintenance of the Garage door opener, sometimes it also required lubricating to function this properly, here you can learn more on how to lubricate the garage door.

And if you have a detached Garage door that has windows around it, then to reduce the inside visibility use the acoustic curtains to create a visibility blocker and blind spot for burglars.

If you find this content relevant, I request you to share it with the community to help to protect the valuables from burglars.

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