10 Tips To Avoid Damaging Car While Parking in Garage

10 Tips To Avoid Damaging Car While Parking In Garage

While parking the car space and area play a very important role. That will let you know how and where you should park your car. But this only happens if you properly analyze the area. 

But if you don’t do it carefully then there may be damage to your car while parking. Most of the time this happens if you have a single-car garage that has a very narrow space.

According to the report of CBS News, more than 50,000 car accidents happen while parking the car in the parking lot or garage. This number is 20% of total car accidents per year in the US only.

But hold on, most of the cases are not registered. That’s why the picture may be much bigger than it’s looking.

That’s why while parking your car avoiding the damage is very difficult even if you are an expert car driver.

So if you want to safeguard your car then you need to read this article completely. Because it has covered 10 tips on how you can protect your car from garage parking.

Also, I have explained how and where to stop cars in the garage and protect your car from garage walls. So this garage parking guide is going to be very interesting.

That’s why don’t miss any point otherwise you may lose your car.

10 Tips How You Can Protect Your Car From A Garage Parking

So whether you are a beginner or an expert car driver, you are facing difficulties while parking your car in your garage. Then these tips will help you to do this without damaging your car.

1. Check Your Car & Garage Sensors

Now, most of the cars are coming with the latest Collision Warning System such as camera, RADAR, or LIDAR. That will sense other objects and vehicles in front or behind the car.

This will automatically reduce the speed or give you an alert so that you can act on it fast. This will prevent any accidents while driving. This feature will help you while parking the car in your garage.

Don’t worry if you haven’t any sensors in your car. Then you can also install some sensors in your garage. So that when you park your car it will alert you.

Simply you can install them on your garage door and walls. Because when you park the car and close the door it shows you, is the car touching the garage door or not.

So if you don’t want to damage your car in the garage. Then installing these sensors is a great idea. Because these will send you an alert if your car is about to touch any object.

2. Fold Your Side Mirrors If Possible

Suppose if you are going to park your car in the garage and suddenly the car mirrors bump into the walls then they both may break.

Especially if you have a single car garage that doesn’t have much space. Then the possibility of being in an accident in the garage may go higher.

Most often both passenger and driver side mirrors are usually broken in such a small space.

That’s why folding the mirrors is a great idea. I know after doing this you can’t see both sides of your car because these two mirrors are your eyes to see any object.

But if you have sensors then this will not happen because sensors will replace these mirrors. Also, I have seen some of the cars come with side cameras.

So that you can see what is going on both sides and you don’t need mirrors. But if you literally don’t have these two options then do not completely fold them just adjust them carefully if possible.

3. Install The Chucks

Do you know where you need to stop your car in the garage? Have you ever suddenly driven your car into the front wall? I know this looks like a very dangerous and silly thing but sometimes our minds do not react properly and it just happens by mistake.

Do you know the most difficult thing is to slowly drive your car in a small space?

Yes, this is true because drive slowly and if you don’t know about the space area then you may bump your car into the front wall. That’s why if you want to protect your car from this silly thing.

Then you need to install the chucks on the concrete floor where you usually park your car. So if you suddenly rage at your car it will not go too far away.

These chucks will stop the car’s speed and prevent any accident on the front wall of your garage. Do you want to know how you can install the chucks? Then you should watch this video that will help you to do this.

4. Get Your Garage Door Service Regularly

Have you serviced your garage door? Is your garage door working properly or not? Usually after purchasing any big mechanical product like your car and garage door needs service.

Because after some time their mechanical parts need lubrication. This will also help you to remove the debris, dust, and dirt that may choke the parts.

But when you regularly service these mechanical products then they will provide better efficiency and work for last.

The same also applied to the garage door because it also has the most mechanical parts such as rail, tracks, hinges, and so on.

Suppose while parking the car inside the garage and suddenly the garage door closes.

Then it will damage your car. This will all happen because you haven’t focused on its regular servicing. So if you want to protect your car from car parking.

Then regular servicing to your garage door and also the car is important.

5. Clean The Space

How big is your garage? Do you have anything in your garage? A large area may fall short and the smaller work better. Because the large space is filled with items, tools, waste, and other things.

Then you may less utilize the space because you haven’t. On The other hand, if you have a smaller space. But that space is well customized for the specific tools and items.

Then it is a better option than the bigger space. That’s why whether you have a smaller or bigger garage it doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters the most is how you make it clean so that when you go to park your car. Then it will easily be done without any damage. All you need is just put every item and tool and everything in its place.

So that your garage looks clean and dust-free. Most importantly if you are not at home and you haven’t parked your car in the garage. Then it may look unclean and messy.

So when you come the first thing you need to do is cleaning.

6. Do A Better Light System In The Garage

When do you usually come home and park the car in the garage? Usually, a working person just like you and me also comes at night and sometimes it will be about midnight.

Suppose if you come home at midnight then no one can guide you in the right direction to park your car. Is the car going to be in contact with the garage wall?

That’s why in this situation proper lighting only will help you and guide you. Because parking the car in sunlight and mid-night is totally different.

If you don’t have much experience in parking the car properly. Then proper lighting is the most important. Don’t worry you don’t need to install the lights everywhere in the garage.

All you need is just to use the LED lights and install the important place such as outside of the garage door. That should be connected to the garage door opener.

So when you arrive home and open the garage door then only it is turned on.

7. Examine The Garage Before Parking

Have you ever examined your garage before parking? I know this looks so silly but this can protect your car even in a narrow space.

Have you read the above cleaning and proper lighting tips? If yes then this is related to the tip because when you start examining the garage before parking you can clean everything that is in your path.

Also, if the lights are not proper you can adjust them so that you can get the clear cut and straight path.

All you need is to just carefully drive on it and you will successfully park the car in the garage without damaging it. Additionally, this will be if you can inform your family that you are at home.

So that they will alert and your or any child is playing near to the garage they will get out from here. Because I found that this is the biggest reason behind having major accidents in the garage.

8. Take Your Time For Better Results

Are you a beginner car driver? How well do you drive a car? How much time do you take to park your car in the garage? Usually, if you are a beginner car driver and you have much experience in it.

Then it is very difficult to park in an exact area especially if you have a single car garage.

Because it is literally a very small space that needs much parking experience. But if you don’t have experience then you need to do this carefully and slowly.

Because most of the accidents only happen at a higher speed. So when you park your car slowly then you can reduce the chance of being in an accident in the garage.

Just do it slowly and make sure to follow the above steps because these will also help you know what you should do next.

But don’t worry, first park the outside of the garage and then in a straight line park it inside the garage.

9. Install The Soft Bumpers To The Wall

Do you want to protect your car door from the garage wall? Have you insulated your garage completely? Whether you have a single, double, or three-car garage this is common to bump the car door to the wall.

However, this problem can be fixed but you can’t make your garage wall completely soft.

But if you park in a specific area in your garage and the garage is not so narrow. Then you can install the soft bumpers on the walls.

That will help you to safeguard your car door when you open it. Usually when you suddenly open the car door without checking outside space. Then it may bump into the garage wall.

That’s why you need to service your car and spend more money. So if you want to get rid of this problem and want to save your money.

Then you need to install the soft bumpers on your garage walls.

10. Choke Your Car After Parking

Do you have a slippery surface in your garage? Is your garage level not flat? Sometimes when you park the car inside the garage.

It will move to its place and the result is an accident in the garage. This is all happening due to the slippery surface which allows the car to move to another place.

It is just like putting the ball on the tiles then it usually goes somewhere where the level is lower than others. This is the rule of gravity and if you don’t want to damage your car.

Then you need to follow these rules. That’s why if you already have this surface and you want to protect your car. Then using the car wheel chocks is a great thing.

Because when you install it downhill and below the vehicle’s center. Then it will hold until you remove it and drive to another place. The using process is also very easy.

All you need is to position it down your vehicle center and that’s all.

So these are some of the tips to protect your car from garage parking. When you use them you will not be going to invest in your car again and again as you are doing now. 

Wrap Up On How Can I Protect My Car From A Garage Parking

Having a single car garage is very difficult to park the car inside it. Because if you don’t have much experience of parking the car. Then you may make any mistake that will cost you more money on your car.

Or you may face a major accident as people see you if you don’t know how an expert car driver parks the car.

I know suddenly you can’t become a perfect driver, this takes time. That’s why in this situation if you want to protect others and your car as well.

Then you should try some ways that will help you to do this and make your work easy. Just examine the garage space and then clean it if not.

So that no one-stop your way to park the car. But in my opinion, you need to practice in the empty area so that you don’t get hurt.

This will help you to become better at it and you can easily park your car even in a single car garage.

FAQ: Best Ways To Protect Your Car From A Garage Parking

Protecting your car from garage parking is literally very difficult, that’s why many people just like you are facing lots of problems.

That’s why I have added some of them in this article and tried my best to give appropriate answers.

How to know where to stop the car in the garage?

Parking the car a few inches away from the front wall is the best place. But it is also difficult so you can install the chucks on it when you suddenly pull the accelerator the car won’t go further.

How do you hang the tennis ball in a garage?

If you want to know the perfect place where you can park your car and you will not get in any problem.

Then you can also go with a freeway by hanging a tennis ball on the ceiling. Just use a washer and pull it in and then hang it at the starting on the ceiling.

How do you park the car in the garage properly?

First, you need to move your car straight forward to the garage and then drive the car very slowly inside the car.

Make sure to observe the outside movement and both mirrors. When you can arrive inside the garage then stop the car and carefully open the door. So that it can’t bump into the wall.

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