What Are The Types Of Garage Doors – Most Durable, Reliable, And Affordable.

Before going to use fiberglass, aluminum, wood, steel, and other types of garage doors. You need to identify which type of garage door is the best that you should use.

What difficulties are you going to face after installing any of them? What are the major pros and cons of each type of garage door?

Yes, questions are lot but the answers are more surprising .

According to WordPress, most US citizens are using fiberglass garage doors because they think that fiberglass garage doors are the best among all.

Are you one of them, who also think fiberglass garage doors are really the best or you need any other type of garage door.


I think yes, That’s why I have prepared a list of the best 5 types of garage doors with their pros and cons and additional information which help you choose the best.

I am pretty much sure, after going through the complete guide you will be 100% sure, which type of garage door you want to use in your house.

So let’s start the amazing tour.

What are The Types of Garage Doors?

I have read many blogs and they are providing the single panel, section, and roller garage doors. I know you are bored of it. That’s why If you want a different but important list of the types of garage doors then you should read below.

1. Fiberglass Garage Doors: The Most Reliable Material

Is fiberglass a reliable material? I think it is. Because we (me and you) usually use fiberglass in our daily life. So I think fiberglass garage doors work well and provide a much better experience.

What do you think?

If you get any fiberglass garage door then do you use it or not? (Comment your opinion)

As I have explained earlier that most Americans are using fiberglass garage doors.

Do you know why?

Because fiberglass is the lightest and strongest material using a steel core. Also, fiberglass can be an inexpensive option than any other types of garage door materials. And people like to save money and I think you also.

Yes, according to the fiberline, fiberglass can be used in any type of aggressive chemicals and liquids because fiberglass is free of corrosion. That is the major problem while using steel.

So if you have decided to use fiberglass doors then you should. But first, understand some advantages and disadvantages of heaving fiberglass garage doors.

Advantages of Heaving Fiberglass Garage Door

  • It won’t contract and expand while changing the temperatures from outside.
  • It is a rot-free material so that if you are living in a moisture city then your garage door will not be ruined.
  • The most important thing, that fiberglass is semi-transparent so you don’t need to worry about the sunlight. If you don’t want that then you can use black paint and cover it.
  • Its maintenance cost is very low.
  • Using an aluminum foil sheet with a fiberglass garage door provides you better insulation inside your garage.

Disadvantages of Heaving Fiberglass Garage Door

  • Because of its semi-transparent design, it will allow the heat and coolness to escape from the garage. That’s why If you are going to use insulation then It may cost you more.
  • As your fiberglass is very lightweight so the chances are high to become dented and breakage.
  • Your fiberglass garage door may become yellow because of the sunlight.

2. Aluminium Garage Door: A Durable Material

An aluminum garage door can be a better option because it will provide smoother operations while opening and closing the garage door. Although aluminum is completely covered and you will not get any sunlight in your garage

. But this will help you to maintain better insulation inside your garage.

However aluminum is not a good conductor of heat so if any part of your aluminum garage door broke. Then you need to use 1260 degrees celsius for melting it. So much heat!.

So this does not mean that nobody is using this type of garage door. I have seen many people in my locality using it. Because they know how the aluminum garage doors will benefit them.

Literally, I am nature friendly that’s why I like to recycle products and plantations to make our Earth a better place. That’s why most people use aluminum because aluminum is a totally recycled and non-toxic material.

Now, if you decided to use an aluminum garage door in your garage then wait. You need to read below because I have prepared some major advantages and disadvantages of heaving a durable aluminum garage door.

Advantages of Heaving Aluminium Garage door

  • You don’t need to clean the aluminum garage door so if you don’t have much time then you can go with this.
  • The aluminum garage door is not so expensive you can easily buy it.
  • This can be withstood from high to low temperature easily so you don’t need to take tension. Its aluminum garage door can work better in Australia or Antarctica.
  • While using any sensitive electrical application with the aluminum garage door then this will make things easy. Because it is a non-magnetic material.
  • If you are going to use it in the window in your garage then you don’t face any issues because this is much stronger than fiberglass.

Disadvantages of Heaving Aluminum Garage Door

  • This is 100% right that aluminum is made with recycled materials but lots of waste generated while recycling.
  • It is not a good conductor of heat transfer.
  • The overall strength is low from the steel material.

3. Steel Garage Door: The Strongest Material

As you know steel is the strongest material that is used to make roller, single panel, double panels, and other steel garage doors.

So I think steel is a better option if you want to make your garage door as much as strong.

But usually, we are at risk when using the fiberglass and aluminum garage door because the accident can happen at any time. But if you are ready for it then it will not harm much.

I have researched that more than 30% of new steel products such as steel garage doors are made with recycled materials. So steel is environmentally friendly.

However, a steel garage door is not lightweight so while installing this type of garage door in your garage you may face some difficulties. You have to take help from the other person.

That’s great if you want to go with a steel garage door but do you know how you can select the best steel garage door. What qualities you have noticed before using it.

So I think that design, thickness, insulation, color, and hardware are the major things that you should notice. But wait, the advantages and disadvantages of having a steel garage door also play a very important role.

Advantages of Heaving Steel Garage Door

  • Steel garage doors can be the strongest option in the garage doors.
  • Moreover, a steel-made garage door provides more durability and can withstand any hot and cold climate. So whether you are living it in Alaska or Las Vegas this will not disappoint you.
  • The steel garage door is a better option to make changes in the design and structure. So if you have any classic steel garage door then you can change it in the modern design.
  • If you don’t have enough budget then you should go with a steel garage door. Because this comes in a lower budget but provides a better experience.
  • It is 30% more flexible than any other garage door material on my list. So if any of your garage doors broke then you will easily mold it in the right shape.

Disadvantages of Heaving Steel Garage Door

  • If in the future you want to insulate your steel garage door then it will not provide you much better insulation experience. You need to add a polyurethane layer to the surface.
  • As you know that steel garage doors are more durable and flexible that’s you need to careful while operations. Because there are higher chances that it will damage.
  • Over the period of time, you will notice that the steel garage door is being affected by the rust. That will break the major parts of your garage door.

4. Vinyl Garage Door: Weather Resistant

Are you living in Florida or Alabama? Have you faced the heavy rain outside? So do you want to save your house and garage from that heavy rain? Then you the vinyl garage door is the best solution because vinyl is usually a weather-resistant material.

That’s why a vinyl-made garage door will protect your car from a rainstorm.

Not only this, I have explained earlier that you will find rust on the surface of the steel garage door. But if you decide to use a vinyl garage door then you will have to face this problem.

Moreover, at any place such as salted air, sand, or harsh wind this will not affect badly on the vinyl garage door. That’s why this is perfect for every type of place.

Do you know the best part? I am also using a vinyl garage door? Because I know that this is the best option while using any type of garage door. But this will not work best for everyone, I have decided this according to my place and need. So what is yours?

According to the study of Azom, 99% of vinyl material is made from manufacturing compounds. So if you are a nature-friendly person then you should try this.

Advantages of Heaving The Vinyl Garage Door

  • A vinyl garage door is highly durable and damage-free as compared to a steel garage door. I know steel is stronger but also steel, not dent and damage-free.
  • If you are living in a humid and rainy place then the vinyl garage door works well because it is weather resistant.
  • Do you want any UV-resistant free surface then vinyl is the best one because it has the ability to block the UV rays? That can be harmful to your health.
  • A vinyl garage door doesn’t need much maintenance so if you don’t have much time then this is the best option for you.
  • After using a polyurethane insulation sheet then this will provide up to R-11.3.

Disadvantages of Heaving The Vinyl Garage Door

  • If you want to change the color of your vinyl garage door then you can’t do that. Because this comes with the resin effect that isn’t available to frequently change color.
  • If you are not getting sandwiched with your garage door then this will not work well.

5. Wood Garage Door: Classic Garage Door

Do you want beauty in your garage door? Do you want a dent-free material? If yes, then a wood garage door is for you because this will give you a classic look.

That most people want in their garage door and most people in America also like to use a wooden made garage door.

Yes, this is right. How? look at your locality, I am 100% sure you will notice the greater amount of wooden made garage doors.

But wait is your garage door made with wood or wooden composite?

Yes, I know this is difficult to tell. But most of the manufacturers use hardwood wood composite such as redwood, cypress, and so on. Because these are naturally resistant to rot and moisture.

So if you are going to purchase any wooden garage door. Then first confirm, is the garage door made with wood or wood composite.

Yes, this is important but do you why I love wood garage doors.

Because I will get more options to choose from, I will get more variety to choose from. So that I can select the best one that suits my house and have the major qualities.

That’s all? No, Then what’s next?

You forgot to read the advantages and disadvantages of heaving the wooden garage door. So let’s start.

Advantages of Heaving Wood Garage Door

  • You will get more options so you choose the best and authentic one. That most of the people like to use in their houses.
  • If you don’t have a large budget and big investment then no worries you will get more price options along with the various design options.
  • Do you want your house to look totally different that stands out in the crowd? Then you will have the option to make a custom-made design for your house.
  • This is the natural thing that wood doesn’t dent so if you are living in a tropical country or city. Then a wood garage door is the right choice.
  • Wooden-made garage doors are usually easy to repair. You just need some tools that easily repair it.

Disadvantages of Heaving Garage Door

  • If you don’t have much time to care for your garage door then I don’t recommend you to use a wood garage door. Because wood needs more attention.
  • I know wood doesn’t get corrosion but wood doesn’t water-resistant. So if water bumps against the wood garage door surface then it will definitely damage the surface.
  • For making the wood garage door lightweight some manufactures use a thin layer of the wooden frame. That makes insulation very difficult.

So these are some of the unlisted garage door types that most of the websites are not noticing. If you have some time then I recommend you also read the below.

Wrap Up On The Best Types of Garage Doors

That’s amazing if you have written the whole article. Because you will get better knowledge about your garage door. Which type of garage door is best to use in which type of place? How do you select the better one?

I think you have an appropriate answer to your doubts. Although these garage doors are quite well and easy to install. But some of them are not so good to provide a better user experience.

Such fiberglass garage doors are quite a good choice but because of their semi-transparent design, you will not have much insulation. On the other hand, aluminum garage doors provide better insulation but those are not strong. 

And in the steel garage door, you will get stronger but it is not rusted and rot-free. But all of them I found that vinyl made garage doors are a better choice. It has some disadvantages but this everything has advantages and disadvantages.

Wait, the vinyl-made garage door is a better option for me or some persons but it may not work well for you. That’s why I have given some major information about all of the types of garage doors. You should choose any of them after analyzing the portfolio.

Then what is your choice? Which one have you selected for your house?

Now the time to discuss some important doubts and questions that many people are asking on the different online platforms. 

FAQ: The Types of Garage Doors

I collected some of the 3 important questions that you should know before doing anything further. But if you have any doubts related to this topic or article then you can ask in the comment section. 

Q1. What is the cost of different types of garage doors?

Ans: This is a little bit of a tricky question that’s why I am going to share it in the table format so that you can understand more pro.

Garage DoorsTotal Cost
Fiberglass$2500 – $2700
Aluminum$1700 – $2500
Steel$2500 – $3200
Vinyl$1800 – $2500
Wood$5000 – $6000

Q2. What is the standard size of garage doors?

Ans: Garage doors come in many sizes and designs that use according to the garage entrance size. What is your garage entrance size? A garage door size can be 6 feet to 16 feet.

But according to the Federal Register, the standard of a residential garage is 7 or 8 feet. So if your garage door comes in this category then you are in a safe corner.

Q3. What is the standard and minimum headroom for garage doors?

Ans: This is very important to give some place for standard headroom clearance. But do you know what is the standard or minimum size of that headroom?

So your garage door requires at least 10 to 12 inches of space. And this is also the standard headroom place also.

Thanks for reading, If you find our article valuable then you can share it with the needy person.

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